Who is Pahlka?

If you’ve ever visited iCode, you’ve probably wandered into our labs and seen the titles given to each one of them. Gates Lab, Zuckerberg Lab, and Pahlka lab. Wait, the Pahlka lab? Who is she? We all know who Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are, but who is Jennifer Pahlka?
Jennifer Pahlka, and I am quoting the Huffington Post, is “a game changer”. Regarded as the founder and executive director of the nonprofit Code for America, she has sought to create revolution in the relationship between government and technology. As a non-profit organization, Code for America has inspired innovation and creativity through the form of civic hacking, in which hundreds of individuals contribute to improving the quality of their local governments and regions through the use of technology and partnership with the regional government.
Jennifer came up with this idea in 2009, and has worked to not only improve the quality and ability of government through technology, but also that individuals increase their involvement with their local government so that everyone can benefit. She has pursued a field in which improvement and benefit are the only fruits, and she has opened the gate for various other individuals and companies to pursue such endeavors.
We honor her and her achievements at iCode, because even though she might not be as recognized as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, she shares the same ideology of using technology to benefit humanity.
Farhan Ali
iCode Mentor

Mentors On The Rise!

Many parents and friends often ask me, “What exactly is your purpose at iCode? What do you do as a lab mentor?” That question has served to stump me more often than not because though it is such a simple question, the implications behind the answer delve far deeper than what is merely on the surface.
Yes, as lab mentors it is indeed our responsibility to be tutors for students in the labs and make sure that all the labs are neat and tidy for visitors. It is also our duty to represent iCode in a professional and respectable manner for our students and future potential students in order to keep iCode’s well-respected image consistent. But beyond that, our purpose here at iCode extends into the personal realm that fosters our communication and social skills. As a lab mentor, it is our responsibility to ensure that we are a safety net for the students to assure them they are not alone in what they pursue and that we will be behind their back to provide assistance. On the other hand though, we teach them the importance of independence and perseverance in order to prevent them from depending on us.
We are here to foster the student’s imagination and encourage them to make use of their fullest potential because we know that they are all capable of becoming future successful individuals. We are here to push them through the most difficult times and encourage them to collaborate in order to highlight the importance of teamwork and asking questions. Essentially, a lab mentor here at iCode is a model for students for what they aspire to be when they grow up, motivated and enlightened young individuals who hope to pave the path for a new and brighter future

Micheal Wood Named Director of iCode Frisco, Texas, Location

Dallas – April 20, 2017 – iCode Inc. , which offers after-school, weekend and summer programs that provide science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) education to students in first through 12th grades, announced that experienced educator Micheal Wood has been named the director of iCode’s Frisco, Texas, location. As director, Wood is responsible for the leadership and management of the day-to-day operations of the Frisco campus, including working with instructors, parents and students regarding iCode’s after-school and weekend programs, summer camps, hackathons and boot camps.

“My mission as an educator is to make learning enjoyable and exciting – if students look forward to attending school, they will want to learn,” said Wood. “I take great pride in seeing our students at iCode Frisco thrive and succeed using the skills they learn at our programs.”

Wood has been an educator in public and private school systems for more than 20 years. He began focusing on K-12 school technology-centered education in California in 2005 through the creation of online blended learning programs. .

“Micheal is very passionate about his experience as an educator and enjoys sharing that passion with others,” said Abid Abedi, co-founder and CEO of iCode Inc. “He believes that education should center on developing the technology skills that students will need to be successful in the 21st century and beyond. Micheal’s philosophy to technology education closely aligns to iCode’s approach that students learn to create technology while working in a cooperative environment using independent thinking and problem-solving skills.”

During his career, Wood has expanded his educational experience and knowledge to include combining technology with state-of-the-art curriculum and education policies. Prior to becoming a school administrator, he taught high-school level chemistry and biology, and holds education credentials from both California and Texas. Wood earned a bachelor of science in biology from Tarleton State University, and a master of arts in education from California State University.

The iCode Frisco campus is located at 4577 Ohio Dr., Frisco, TX. For more information, call +469-608-7023 or visit icodeinc.com.

About iCode Inc.

Based in Dallas, iCode Inc. was founded in April 2015 and provides instruction in an exciting and unique learning environment that resembles a high-tech campus. iCode offers after-school, weekend and summer programs in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) courses in computer programming, robotics, and innovation for students from first through 12th grades. Its courses use agile technology to teach students the latest in robotics and embedded technologies. iCode students not only control and play with artificial intelligence technology, they actually learn how it works. iCode also offers adult boot camps to help adult learners obtain new technology skills for the workplace. For more information about offerings and enrollment, visit icodeinc.com.

Media Contact for iCode

Linda Graham
The Power Group

Why Do All Roads Lead to Java

More and more job openings in the technology sector, it’s important to understand the importance of programming languages, like Java, why it’s important to learn it and steps that should be taken to make it easier to learn. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the increase in IT jobs by the year 2020 will be at a staggering 49% compared to other industries growth at 22%. With this data it has become obvious where the job market is heading. Increasingly jobs will be opening in areas of robotics, drones and IOT (internet of things).

• Java has been around for many years and has become the industry standard for programming languages. It has been tested, tried and perfected. With java it’s hard to find search engines with coding problems. Java has wealth of Application Programming Interface or API, and as a language, you can do so much more with it than most other languages.

• By learning Object Oriented Programming, (OOP) it’s easier to learn Java. Understanding design patterns can lead to a better code which is sustainable. Because of the strong, Integrated Development Environment or IDE’s, it’s easier to identify problems and mistakes in the code. Those IDE’s help format your code with ease.

• Java has become the industry standard, Android apps are also written in java. By learning Java, android app development becomes easier, fun and creative.

For most, it takes years to learn, but for the student of today, it’s made easier with the curriculum which is developed especially for Java.


It can be tough for students to find a group in which they can interact with others who are like-minded and share the same passions and hobbies that they do. At a young age, it is even harder to meet with other students and build those lasting friendships. At iCode, we sought to create a way in which students can accomplish 3 different objectives:

1) Find an atmosphere full of fun and joy. By being able to create games, try new technologies, and experiment with the knowledge that they already know, students gain the ability to truly kickback and have fun.

2) Make connections- We invite a large number of students and children to our events, including students at iCode and students elsewhere, so that they can interact with each other and build friendships that allow for them to have fun as well as share a connection with.

3) To inspire creativity- At every Friday social that we have, we have events specifically to immerse students into topics that they previously had little to no interaction with, ranging from AI (Artificial Intelligence) to robotics and their utilities.

4) Build an atmosphere which is conducive to learning- We welcome parents to come and join in on the fun of creating apps and games by their children. We believe a family atmosphere of learning is the best way to teach students.

Essentially, Friday socials are a great way in which children can not only learn about new things and have fun doing so, but they can also meet with other children who are similar to them and will form lasting friendships with them.