Think Tank

Collaborate, Brainstorm, Design Projects

Want to learn computer programming in a way you can relate it to the real world? One of our most exciting resources is our state-of-the-art learning space, which we refer to as our “Think Tank.” It is not your average classroom. It is a collaborative think space where all levels of current and future developers, computer scientists, designers and engineers can come together to create, innovate, and collaborate. The look, comfort and resources inside bring a fun and fresh feel to all iCode activities. Come check out the Think Tank for yourself and see why we think it is so special.


The “i” in iCode. Our inspiration comes from those before us who have made a difference in the world with ground-breaking ideas in the field of computer science. We encourage kids to follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s most innovative thinkers like Mark Zuckerburg, Bill Gates, Jennifer Pahlka and more.

Collaborate, Create

Our computer programming learning and teaching methods here at iCode are one of a kind. We’re a next-generation education incubator that enables young innovators to brainstorm, create and collaborate. Our methods are effective, agile and -most importantly- fun!


Join us for iCodeCast, our stimulating speaker series showcasing leaders in technology and passionate young learners. iCodeCast not only provides students and parents the opportunity to learn the latest industry knowledge from the best, but it also gives young students the opportunity to speak and inspire others with their own inventive ideas.

Cutting Edge Technologies

Our Think Tanks provide the latest in Robotics and embedded technologies for future technologists and innovators. Students are not only able to control and play with this artificial intelligence technology; they are able to actually learn how it works.