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Interview Questions For Hiring

Some of today’s hiring managers rely on unconventional questions to identify talent. Google’s famous interview questions have inspired a generation of interviewers who try to outsmart and confuse candidates with complex brainteasers. This style of interviewing is going out of fashion though, but it still pays to be a little creative when speaking to applicants, […]

Skills Needed in Our Workforce

Every job has essential hard skills and experience necessary for the work. Even though these skills are extremely important, there are specific soft skills that organizations look for when hiring workers. Here are the soft skills that today’s top employers focus on. Conflict Management When gathering people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives in a high-pressure […]

Improve Patterns and Sequencing for Your Child

Identifying patterns and sequences helps us logically order events, images, thoughts, and actions. By helping your child improve their identification of patterns and sequences, you can strengthen his or her conceptual and reasoning ability, concentration skills, and verbal, written, and mathematical foundations. How to Help Your Child Identify Patterns Children find patterns from looking around […]

How to Develop Your Child’s Collaboration Soft Skill

Collaboration is clearly helping business owners, entrepreneurs and innovators thrive, but can it also help children? We’ve investigated why your child should develop collaboration as a soft skill, what steps you can take to help them learn, and how you can continue to grow their skills. Collaboration in an Increasingly Connected World From a young […]

Inspiring Young Coders From All Around the World

When we think of people in coding, kids are probably the last to come to mind. But as technology continues to advance, so is the calling for more STEM professionals, with many industries looking to younger generations to become the next industry leaders. Here are some of the most inspirational young coders today. Error: Error not […]

What is Java and Minecraft Mods? Teaching Kids to Program

At iCodeSchool, we believe that children are the future of the planet. With this knowledge comes the responsibility to teach them essential skills to succeed in an age of ever-evolving technology. One of the ways we inspire children to bridge the gaps they’ll eventually cross is through something called STEAM learning. STEAM is based on […]

Babysitting an Adult

It sounds humiliating from an employment standpoint, but that’s exactly how it feels for men and women in modern corporate America. The hierarchy of business structure includes entry-level employees, senior employees, supervisors, managers, and upper management. Depending on the size of the corporation there could be multiple employees in each role. According to an opinion […]

Future of Drones and Drone Programming

Drones have come a long way from the early remote-control helicopters of our past. Modern drones are far more than play toys and are used in several high-profile industries. For research, surveillance, planning, and even deliveries, drones perform tasks that humans often can’t. To reach these goals, drones must first be programmed. At iCode School, […]

Gifts for Kids Interested in Technology

In an age of digital music, ecommerce, and social media, it’s easy to see that technology is the future. Knowing this, it’s more important than ever before to educate our younger generations on the mechanics and programming of modern computerized electronics.  Programs that incorporate STEM and STEAM courses into their curriculum open doors to jobs […]

Why Your Child Should Learn About Robotics

Living in a digital age of rapid technological advancement has drastically increased the need for experts in the field of science, engineering and technology. Learning about robotics at an early age gives children the confidence and skills needed to excel in an ever-evolving world. Unsure about exactly what robotics means? Robotics is the designing, engineering […]