20 Amazing STEM Toys for 7-Year-Olds

20 Amazing STEM Toys for 7-Year-Olds

As a parent, you want to create the right conditions for your student to excel. The question is, where do you start?

One way to keep your child growing in the right direction is to surround them with developmental toys. This article will provide a comprehensive list of STEM toys made explicitly for 7-year-olds.

If you’ve never heard of “STEM,” it stands for Science, Technology, Education, and Mathematics. STEM is a specialty area of learning and education (compared with the humanities, which includes philosophy, art, and language studies).

The following sections are grouped based on the focal area of each toy category, starting with science STEM toys for 7-year-olds.

Top Science Toys

Kids love science. Unlike other toys, science toys allow them to explore how the universe naturally functions. Here is a list of the top science STEM toys for 7-year-olds that were made just for that purpose.

  • Light-Up Terrarium: Simulate a natural environment and discover nature in a controlled setting with this LED light-up terrarium. Terrariums are among the simplest and easiest toys for exploring nature without getting your hands too dirty.
  • Crystal Growing Kit: Kids learn patience while growing uniquely colored crystals from scratch. Watch your crystals grow and take on different shapes and forms while learning about geology and Earth science. 
  • Volcano Kit: If you’ve never seen a child’s face when they watch a volcano erupt, you’re missing out. With this volcano kit (with extra eruption powder), you can experience the joys of a homemade volcano from the comfort of your kitchen or yard.
  • Simulated Bat Dissection Kit: Dissection can be…icky… unless you have a simulated bat to practice on. With this dissection kit, your 7-year-old can explore the anatomy of an animal minus the “ew” factor.
  • Pet Tornado Kit: This one is simple but loads of fun. Your pet tornado is a twister in a bottle, and it’s a great introduction to the power of a vortex. Your kid will be amazed as they create their tornado and watch it spin up close!

Best Technology Toys

Science toys are fun, but some kids are more technologically inclined. For those children, these five technology STEM toys for 7-year-olds are a perfect fit.

  • Playz Electric Piano Circuit Board: This multi-experiment (38 in total) piano toy will have your 7-year-old assembling a piano and learning about magnets and circuitry. It’s fun to play piano and even more fun to explore what’s inside.
  • Lucky Doug 12-in-1 Solar Robot Kit: One of the best things about STEM toys is they’re usually multi-purpose. This 12-in-1 solar robot with 12 designs is no exception; your kid will have hours of fun building one model and then starting another!
  • Playz My First Coding & Computer Kit: If your child is interested in computers, this toy is a great fit. It covers concepts like binary code, encryption, and algorithms and includes over 30 other exploratory learning tools. 

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  • Apitor Robot X, App-Enabled Coding Toy: This one is similar to LEGO blocks. It’s a robot with 12 designs (like the solar robot kit from before). This robot gives you many ways to build, learn, and play.
  • Electric Motor Project Kit: If you’re looking to mix things up, this kit offers over 25 STEM projects. It includes an electric motor and teaches engineering, electronics, and mechanical principles.

Amazing Engineering Toys

Engineering is another core STEM area. In adulthood, there are many opportunities for skilled engineers to apply their knowledge for profitable careers. Start your 7-year-old early with these engineering toys.

  • HAPTIME Construction Building Block Kit: If you’re looking for a kit to keep your little one occupied for a while, this one will do it. With over 230 drill puzzles, they’ll probably be an expert in engineering by the time they finish them all.
  • Digit Builders Magnetic Building Sticks: These magnetic sticks don’t have a specific number of build designs. That’s because there is no limit! This set has endless possibilities, and they’re all based on your imagination.
  • HOMETTER Construction 10-in-1 Building Kit: If your child likes construction equipment like diggers, bulldozers, and cranes, they’ll love building these toys. What’s interesting about this set is that there are different build levels, so your kid can start with something easy and move up to higher levels when they’re ready. 
  • Think Fun Gravity Maze: The gravity maze is a fantastic toy that works on spatial reasoning and critical thinking. First, kids construct the maze. Then they drop a marble inside to see if their logic pans out and if the marble will follow the route they’ve created. It’s loads of fun!

Brilliant Math Toys

How do the most brilliant mathematicians become so intelligent? They learn about math from an early age. Although 7-year-olds aren’t always interested in math, everything changes when you bring toys into the mix.

  • 100 Pcs Unlimited Creation Cubes: Math is a challenging subject. It’s usually best to ease kids into it. With these creation cubes, you can help your child learn counting, addition, subtraction, and multiplication as they build unique creations.
  • Genchi Multiplication Pop It Game: One part math game, one part fidget toy, this is designed to teach multiplication. Parents enjoy it too because it gives them something to do when they’re bored.
  • Learning Resources Math Link Cubes: This toy is similar to the creation cubes above, except it has more shapes. Instead of simply counting cubes or colors, you can teach your child less common shapes such as hexagons and octagons.
  • Learning Resources Pretend & Play Cash Register: Here’s an entirely different kind of math fun. Children use a pretend cash register to punch in dollar amounts. The bottom even opens so your child can learn about money and how to count change.
  • Mathemagical World Board Game: If you’re looking for something unconventional, try this math board game. Children and parents love it because it teaches math in fun, engaging ways that involve playing with others.

Going Beyond Toys

Filling your environment with STEM toys for 7-year-olds is an excellent way to get them interested in high-value subjects. 

If you want to extend your kid’s STEM education beyond toys into the classroom, iCode School has a variety of class options for your student. 

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