Exploring the Top 5 STEM Technology Careers for the Future

Exploring the Top 5 STEM Technology Careers for the Future

Our children take a step closer to graduation every day. Whether they’re 6 or 16, you want to prepare them for the world of tomorrow. But what will be the top STEM technology careers for the future?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the most promising fields for the STEM technology category based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Handbook for career predictions and trends.

Which careers will offer the highest pay and have high growth trends? Which jobs will exist and thrive across the next decade or more? Let’s dive in and answer all of those questions as we take a look at the top 5 STEM career opportunities.

5. Computer Programmers

Computer Programmers

Ask anyone to predict the top STEM technology careers for the future, and at least one of their responses will be Computer Programmers. According to the BLS handbook, that’s a good answer. With median salaries trending around $93,000 per year, it pays to know how to code.

So what does a computer programmer do? They strategize, conceptualize, and write the code for software applications. They also spend a lot of time testing the code to ensure it works properly. Some computer programmers work independently, while others work in teams for large corporations. 

The pay range for computer programmers can vary based on the individual role as well as the specialized coding knowledge and experience of the programmer. While job growth is projected to decline slightly through 2031, those who train in rising programming languages will be strongly positioned to secure top positions in the future.

4. Computer Systems Analysts

Computer Systems Analysts

Analysts of all sorts have enjoyed high pay and fast growth for years. Computer systems analysts are no different and that’s what makes them one of the top STEM technology careers for the future. Not only does the median pay sit on the cusp of six figures per year, but growth is predicted to increase by 9 percent over the next decade.

Unlike computer programmers who write and test software code, computer systems analysts serve to improve efficiency across the entire organization. 

This role might serve as more of a consultant who communicates with departmental managers, IT managers, and others within a company to determine what systems are necessary, which can be eliminated, and how to streamline overall efficiency and productivity.

Computer systems analysts also help businesses understand their IT-related expenses and find ways to reduce costs which increases profitability. As a result, they are always in demand and can command the highest rates because they provide a direct return on a company’s investment in them.


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3. Computer Network Architects

Computer Network Architects

 Organizations small and large have many IT needs. While some aim to develop their own software products, others don’t deal in technology products at all. Even when companies don’t sell tech products, they still need functioning network systems that connect departments, buildings, and locations together, and that’s where computer systems architects come in.

As a computer systems architect, your child will build data communication systems such as local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs) to provide companies with simple, effective internal communication solutions. Depending on the job, a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field may be required, so it makes sense to start your kid down this path early.

With median annual pay at $120,520, it’s easy to see why this career is one of the top STEM technology careers for the future. Growth projections show 4 percent increases through 2031 which is about as fast as other careers, so the more experience and education your child can bring with them to the job market, the better their chances to secure one of these lucrative jobs will be.

2. Information Research Scientists

Information Research Scientists

Continuing into the world of technology, we come to one of the most savory careers of all. Information research scientists study problems related to computing and theorize and conceptualize solutions for those problems. They also design and conduct experiments and research within information systems to better understand what solutions will be needed in the future.

This role can involve working with various departments and management teams to improve organizational systems and efficiency. It can also involve developing new computing languages from scratch. 

Information research scientists require specialized knowledge at the Master’s level or beyond. In exchange for the increased time spent learning, the median pay range for information research scientists is $131,490 per year. 

To add a cherry on top, the projected growth for this career field is 21 percent. That’s extremely fast when compared with other careers, but your child will need to start early, so be sure to enroll them in a technology program sooner rather than later.

1. Information System Managers

Information System Managers

We wrap up our list of top STEM technology careers for the future with information systems managers. With median pay at $159,010 per year,this is the most esteemed position on our list. It also comes with a projected 16 percent growth rate which, like information research scientists, places it at much faster growth than other fields.

Information systems managers plan and manage all of the computer-related activities in a company. This not only includes computer systems, but the people running those systems. For instance, an information systems manager might oversee a number of computer programmers, analysts, network architects, and information researchers while also communicating with executives and key stakeholders.


As an upper-management position, information systems managers are critical employees within any organization. For this reason, plus the required experience and education, those who seek this career can expect that they’ll easily find work at the best companies in the world for the most competitive salaries. However, as with information research science, the road is long and winding. Be sure to start your child down this path early if you want them to embrace it.

How to Get Your Child Started Toward the Top STEM Technology Careers for the Future

It can be a challenge to strike up interest from your kids in STEM-related careers.

At iCode School, we make learning fun as we help children build foundations in modern tech and computing so that by the time they’re ready to enter the workforce, they have the skills and experience to go straight into the highest-paying positions imaginable.

We do that by connecting our trained instructors with kids who are ready to learn and explore the technological sciences.

While there is no guarantee your child will enter a tech field, you can ensure they spend time in an environment that fosters interest in information systems and computing from an early age. 

To learn more about how you can enroll your child in a technology-focused program, visit the iCode School website here.

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