Why You Should Be Excited for Your Kids to Learn Game Development

Why You Should Be Excited for Your Kids to Learn Game Development

Four decades ago the first video game platform took the world by storm. Suddenly, kids got plugged into a digital reality where fantasy ruled. Today, games are nearly indistinguishable from real life, and many parents worry about what that means for their kids. So, let’s consider the bright side of gaming and look at why you should be excited for your kids to learn game development.

With children today encountering their first screens at a very early age, it’s no wonder they’re pulled toward the world of gaming. Games offer an escape from reality into a digital space where kids can explore their wildest dreams from the safety of their homes.

While it’s a good idea to monitor your child’s time and activity behind the screen, remember that their generation is integrated with technology in a way that previous generations never were.

For kids today, tech is a natural extension of their environment, almost like the clothes they wear when they leave the house.

Prepare them for the digital-focused world they’ll face when they’re ready to start a career and help your kids to learn game development now.

The Future of Game Development

Gaming is on the rise. 

In 1982, a single gaming platform dominated the shelves. Today there are many systems, including digital games offered through the internet.

This means the need for those who learn game development increases every year. 

With some of the world’s biggest and most profitable companies fueling the industry, the demand for developers, designers, and other key players has skyrocketed.

Game Developer Magazine surveys the gaming industry each year and reports salaries between $80,000 and $110,000 for game development workers.

Some of the top positions for gaming employees include:

  • Programmers & Developers
  • Designers & Artists
  • Animators
  • Audio/Visual Workers
  • Quality Assurance (Video Game Testers)

All of these careers offer great pay in an environment suited for creative minds.

The key to opening the doorway for kids is to get them started early. 

Learning to develop games takes time and focus, so it’s worth considering enrolling children in a committed development program such as the one at iCode School. 

What Else Can Kids Who Learn Game Development Do?

What Else Can Kids Who Learn Game Development Do?

Working for a top company isn’t the only way to get ahead in the gaming industry.

As technology improves, the ability to create fantasy worlds becomes more decentralized. 

This decentralization lowers the cost to bring games from concept to launch and places the power of game development in the hands of individual developers.

Today, many ‘solopreneur’ developers turn their ideas into brilliant games that they release for sale on app platforms like Google Play Play and Apple’s App Store.

Often, these games are developed by small teams or even a single person rather than a large company.

Take Angry Birds for example. Angry Birds was developed by a team of three people who created over 50 games. When they launched their 51st game, they had a hit. 

The game was a simple bouncing bird game that took the world by surprise. It was fun, viral, and could be played for hours.

More importantly, Angry Birds grossed hundreds of millions of dollars and sparked countless spin-off games and even movies.

Other simple games like Candy Crush, released in 2012, reach over 500 million mobile devices and generate more than $850,000 daily.

Not every entrepreneur has a big win like those above. Many never do. But it has been done before, and others will do it again in the future.

We can’t predict if your kid will be a great entrepreneur, but when they learn game development, they’ll be well-positioned for whatever endeavor they take on.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Game Development?

How Long Does it Take to Learn Game Development?

Learning to develop games isn’t something you pick up overnight.

While the fundamentals of programming can be learned fast, it takes time to become a great developer.

Even simple games like those mentioned above require skilled programming and development.

The path to gaming success takes years, and that’s why so many people miss the boat.

Many would-be successful developers start too late in life.

Instead of programming hot games for top companies, or releasing ideas directly for sale, they have to invest months or years before they have the skill to bring a game to market.

Kids tend to pick up concepts faster than adults. Within a few weeks, a child can learn the fundamentals of various programming languages.

That said, it’s not easy to learn game development on their own. Kids need a structured environment with a skilled instructor who knows the ins and outs of programming.

Enroll your kids in the right space, and they’ll blow your mind with what they learn and how fast they learn it.

Taking the Next Steps to Prepare Your Kid for a Gaming Industry Future

Programming isn’t just for gaming. When kids learn to program, it’s a skill that positions them for top-paying careers regardless of the industry they work in.

Programmers and developers are in demand, but the basics aren’t enough to secure the best opportunities.

If you want your child to have the best chance possible to thrive in the industries of tomorrow, you want to enroll them in a school designed for that specific purpose.

iCode School was created to teach kids the foundation they need to secure a great future.

Gaming and programming careers are trending upward. 

By the time your child is ready to start their career, they can have a decade or more of development experience behind them.

Put your kid in a program that will help them grow and thrive. Check out iCode School’s programs, and see for yourself how we can help you.

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