Let your child’s imagination and curiosity run wild during school break!!

iCode Camps are the perfect combination of STEAM based learning and fun! Each camp is tailored to teach computer coding to kids at the beginner, intermediate and advanced level!  Camps are offered during the summer break, holiday breaks, and on weekends. Students are afforded the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of computer science, with robots, drones and much more! These fun camps are perfect for kids who have great imaginations, like critical thinking and problem solving or simply love technology. 

iCode’s enthusiastic instructors have vast knowledge in computer science, electrical engineering and education to teach coding to kids. Instructors get to know each student, encouraging and influencing each one of them on an individual bases, while innovating, collaborating and creating technology and code. They deliver each instructional session while evaluating the progress of each student along the way.

Each School Break and Weekend Camp consists of 30-hours of coursework and is approximately $499. 

Elementary Camps

  • Art of Innovation: Students experience the journey of product design first hand! They start by creating an original product design and finish off with a 3D print model of their creation. This camp is a unique blend of art and technology; perfect for tech beginners looking to expand their creative horizons!
  • Java with Minecraft: An age-appropriate intro to basic Java skills through the use of mods (modification programs). This is a fun and easy-going camp that makes the most popular high-level programming language a bit more relatable for young beginners!
  • Media Arts: A fun, hands-on camp that teaches the basics of making a short film: from storyboarding and shooting to lights, sound and editing! This is also an intro level camp for young techies looking for something a little different!
  • Robotics: Calling all aspiring engineers to the table! This camp will give you a crash course on how to build your own robot, program it, get the motor working, understand the relationship between sensors and feedback, and more!

Middle School Camps

  • Drones for Kids: Why fly a drone with a regular old joystick when you can code it to fly?! Our awesome Drone camp will introduce students to beginner flight mechanics and aerodynamic principles to understand how to code and fly a drone. It doesn’t get more hand on than this!
  • Game Development: Eager young programmers learn to think like a developer as they explore the science and art of computer game development – behind the scenes!
  • Java with Minecraft We teach middle school kids Java skills through the use of mods . This is a fun high-level computer coding camp that is easy to learn.
  • Media Arts: A fun, hands-on camp that teaches the basics of making a short film: from storyboarding and shooting to lights, sound and editing! You can be a beginner or advanced learner for this coding camp!
  • Mobile App Development: Students use App Inventor to see how the cameras and accelerometers of smartphones and tablets affect user experience. It’s an early exposure to one of the fastest expanding markets!

High School Camps

College Determined Teens Learn the Language of the Future… Here!

Many of today’s best universities are looking for more diversification in their students abilities but aren’t sure how to find them. Through iCode’s intensive High School Camps, students will rise to the top of the college board list and stand out above all others on the AP Computer Science Exam.  

Database Database provides the foundation students need for a career in database development, data warehousing, or business acumen. Technical Leads cover database design and the use of databases in applications with an introduction to the relationals of database engines. Relational databases often drive the company-critical and web-enabled applications essential for achieving success in a highly competitive market. This 30-hour boot camp course is designed to deliver the groundwork for building and working with relational databases and enabling you to develop and use relational databases in your environment.

Java This robust program is filled with 30 hours of skills that will have you career ready at its completion. Our students come in with little to no experience as software developers but after training with us, they are ready to rise to the top of each universities list. Using the industry standard software, Eclipse, students will learn the fundamentals of the language while participating in this intensive, hands-on course. Each class will be comprised of theory and discussion as well as mini-lab sessions to support ideas that were introduced during that day’s lecture.