At iCode, our teachers work with students in grades 1 through 12, teaching them everything from basic coding, computing essentials, project development, to advanced Java, and iOS development. We believe that when young minds collaborate and brainstorm with one another, it leads the way to previously-untapped innovation and exploration. If you would like to learn why coding is important for kids, read on!
Creativity – Once students learn how to code, the world is their oyster. There are limitless projects that can be completed using code, it all comes down to the student’s imagination and creativity. In our own coding courses, we promote an “outside the box” approach when it comes to innovation and brainstorming. A coding course can teach students to expand their minds and come up with new ways to problem-solve that they have never considered before.
Patience – In order to learn how to properly code, and then how to come up with the perfect idea to design and create, patience is definitely a much needed skill. For children with short attention spans who are used to instant gratification, coding is a multi-step process that will require them to rely on their logic, concentration, and critical thinking skills instead. Enhancing these abilities will help them inside and outside the classroom for years to come.
Extensive Computer Knowledge – There was a time when computer classes simply consisted of learning how to use a word processor and populate a spreadsheet, but those days are behind us now. With a culture that is so deeply saturated with ever-evolving technological advancements, gaining a deeper understanding of how computers work is no longer just a supplementary skill, but a necessary one.
Problem Solving Skills – Several studies have proven that a basic knowledge of coding goes hand in hand with improved problem solving abilities. When you teach your brain to follow the steps required to code, it basically reworks your brain and allows you to look at all other aspects of life with the same level of analytical ability.
If your child has ever shown an interest in robotics, computer science, and gaming, the team at iCode would love to hear from you. We provide a nurturing environment for students of all ages to work together and take their ideas off the page and into the real world. For more information, simply fill out this contact form and one of our staff members will get in touch with you soon!