Jobs in the computer science field are plentiful, and with innovative technology breakthroughs, college recruiters are looking for the next Bill Gates or inventor. However, iCode Frisco Campus offers beginning to advanced level computer classes for children at a much earlier age. And children can learn different color belts like they would in karate. From basic computer programming to robotics, and coding for children, these classes give children the tools for success.
The White Belt: iCode has beginner computer classes for children starting at the white belt level. Here, students learn computer programming, robotics, coding, basic HTML, and design classes. This is an excellent way for children to learn the fundamentals of computer science and to find which topic interests them the most.
Orange Belt: The orange level is the intermediate level where children start to see how basic courses fit into the development of specific projects. Whether it be programming, robotics, or design, students will enjoy partaking in different projects related to their interest.
Typical projects children learn in this level include creating a 3D animated world, using digital music to create sampling techniques. They also learn how to use the Pi and Raspbian OS for programming development, working with Lego Mindstorms EV3 and EV3 software. Students in the orange belt level are on their way to becoming a designer, inventor, or programmer by taking these classes.
Children are exposed to many uses in computer science through mobile devices, video games, computer software, and other electronics. Many are fascinated by learning how to create a mobile app or design a new software program.
In addition, robotics is a complex subject that many employers are having a hard time finding qualified people to fill positions. It’s beneficial when elementary and middle school students take computer classes to get a head start in computer science. Students can take a lot of the knowledge they learn and actually apply it to their future career.
iCode Frisco Campus offers computer classes for students with the benefit of learning at different levels, just like they do in karate classes. And it doesn’t stop at the middle school level. These classes start from white belt to black belt. Also, children have an early start in computer science, making college and training easier for them in their adult life. Come and visit iCode at their Frisco, TX location to register for a class. You can also visit them online, or give them a call at (469) 608-7023.