It can be tough for students to find a group in which they can interact with others who are like-minded and share the same passions and hobbies that they do. At a young age, it is even harder to meet with other students and build those lasting friendships. At iCode, we sought to create a way in which students can accomplish 3 different objectives:

1) Find an atmosphere full of fun and joy. By being able to create games, try new technologies, and experiment with the knowledge that they already know, students gain the ability to truly kickback and have fun.

2) Make connections- We invite a large number of students and children to our events, including students at iCode and students elsewhere, so that they can interact with each other and build friendships that allow for them to have fun as well as share a connection with.

3) To inspire creativity- At every Friday social that we have, we have events specifically to immerse students into topics that they previously had little to no interaction with, ranging from AI (Artificial Intelligence) to robotics and their utilities.

4) Build an atmosphere which is conducive to learning- We welcome parents to come and join in on the fun of creating apps and games by their children. We believe a family atmosphere of learning is the best way to teach students.

Essentially, Friday socials are a great way in which children can not only learn about new things and have fun doing so, but they can also meet with other children who are similar to them and will form lasting friendships with them.