More and more job openings in the technology sector, it’s important to understand the importance of programming languages, like Java, why it’s important to learn it and steps that should be taken to make it easier to learn. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the increase in IT jobs by the year 2020 will be at a staggering 49% compared to other industries growth at 22%. With this data it has become obvious where the job market is heading. Increasingly jobs will be opening in areas of robotics, drones and IOT (internet of things).

• Java has been around for many years and has become the industry standard for programming languages. It has been tested, tried and perfected. With java it’s hard to find search engines with coding problems. Java has wealth of Application Programming Interface or API, and as a language, you can do so much more with it than most other languages.

• By learning Object Oriented Programming, (OOP) it’s easier to learn Java. Understanding design patterns can lead to a better code which is sustainable. Because of the strong, Integrated Development Environment or IDE’s, it’s easier to identify problems and mistakes in the code. Those IDE’s help format your code with ease.

• Java has become the industry standard, Android apps are also written in java. By learning Java, android app development becomes easier, fun and creative.

For most, it takes years to learn, but for the student of today, it’s made easier with the curriculum which is developed especially for Java.