Many parents and friends often ask me, “What exactly is your purpose at iCode? What do you do as a lab mentor?” That question has served to stump me more often than not because though it is such a simple question, the implications behind the answer delve far deeper than what is merely on the surface.
Yes, as lab mentors it is indeed our responsibility to be tutors for students in the labs and make sure that all the labs are neat and tidy for visitors. It is also our duty to represent iCode in a professional and respectable manner for our students and future potential students in order to keep iCode’s well-respected image consistent. But beyond that, our purpose here at iCode extends into the personal realm that fosters our communication and social skills. As a lab mentor, it is our responsibility to ensure that we are a safety net for the students to assure them they are not alone in what they pursue and that we will be behind their back to provide assistance. On the other hand though, we teach them the importance of independence and perseverance in order to prevent them from depending on us.
We are here to foster the student’s imagination and encourage them to make use of their fullest potential because we know that they are all capable of becoming future successful individuals. We are here to push them through the most difficult times and encourage them to collaborate in order to highlight the importance of teamwork and asking questions. Essentially, a lab mentor here at iCode is a model for students for what they aspire to be when they grow up, motivated and enlightened young individuals who hope to pave the path for a new and brighter future