Frisco – 11/9/2017 – iCode, DFW’s premier school for computer science, coding and robotics, and Medology 360, a startup offering services in lead generation, business analytics, innovation collaboration and digital presence optimization, are collaborating to bring local students real life hands on coding experience. Abid Abedi, CEO of iCode and Dan Ma, CEO of Medology 360 are excited to announce the incubator for Medology 360 at iCode which will use iCode students skills  in algorithms, Databases, Java, Python, website, Agile and much more to interface on a project.
iCode has become an incubator  for students to work with startups like Medology 360 as more and more parents become aware of the need for an education in computer science and the demand for qualified programmers and software engineers.  The new project is expected to begin within the next few weeks at the iCode East Frisco Campus.
According to Computer World, IT jobs will grow at a steady 22% by 2020 with the highest growth in healthcare.  When we look at the growth and the base salaries which, according to Chicago Tribune, begin at $108K,  there’s will be a growing need for partnerships like iCode and Medology 360.
iCode offers a comprehensive computer science curriculum taught in a martial arts belt format using agile methodology. Students begin with a foundation belt which begins with teaching them basic algorithms and computational thinking at the young age of 6 and they move through until they finish in 8th grade with python and some java. iCode offers high school students specialized courses in Java, Databases, Networking and Cybersecurity.
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