As of recently, there’s been a new saying circulating on the Internet that goes something like- ‘If you’re not on Facebook, it’s as though you’re not alive at all!’

Fairly cheeky, for sure, but it also signifies a rather important shift that’s happening before our very eyes- the one towards all things electronic, digital, and otherwise online-based! Just as our social presence is becoming increasingly more prominent online than offline these days, a host of other aspects of everyday life seem to be hell-bent on going digital- and it’s going to happen sooner rather than later, by the looks of things.

Most notably, education- one of the most important processes in anyone’s development (especially a child’s), has also been seeing some rather radical changes recently. Namely, both parents and schools are starting to recognize the role that technology is going to play in the near future, so a new breed of educational facilities is springing up to take the challenge head on! At iCode, we believe that our children should be taught to be technologically literate early on so that once they reach the age of higher education or employment, they can call the shots rather than feel left out and unable to cope with the new times.

Presenting our full range of summer courses!

We’ve got computers, robots, drones, 3D printers- you name it. Also, we’ll be developing video games, producing breathtaking digital art and exploring the exciting world of microcomputers!

The goal of our course is to teach your kids the basic coding, design and acquaint them with the intricate ways in which the high-tech gadgets we own work. The summer courses we offer represent a fun and engaging way to present our main curriculum and introduce your kids to the exciting world of technology!
Other than playing with their peers and learning about the curious way of high-tech contraptions, our summer courses will help your kids develop a special set of skills that can be valuable for their future education.

Here are some of the areas where great progress can be made:
● Math Savviness – Since the brains and ‘bowels’ of any given technical apparatus are made based on mathematical principles, getting acquainted with the way these machines work early on can help your child understand math in a more natural and intuitive way!

● Creativity – Art can be created in a number of ways, and nowadays, the opportunities for making incredible pictures, melodies, and films using digital means are more abundant than ever. With our course, your child can unleash his or her full creative force and learn how to express themselves in a new and exciting fashion!

● Problem-Solving Skills – The beauty of modern technology is the connection between its simple nature (Remember the binary code made up of just 0’s and 1’s?) and the positively incredible results that can be achieved based on it. By using various appliances on a regular basis and fixing them if they stop working, your child will develop problem-solving skills that can translate to any life situation!

Technology’s come along way, and we at iCode seek to teach our kids to conquer it early on so that they can further it even more in the future. We invite you to check out courses and start building your child’s future today!