If you have ever been to a summer camp, you will almost certainly have witnessed an unforgettable experience and remember many great moments. The camp is an experience different from the others for everything that involves leaving home and living with new people in a holiday period, free of daily duties. The best experience in teaching and practicing come from former students; from the people who have been on the harder side of the desk for years and then get the opportunity to be on the other. Here is a young Briana, a girl who has spent the summer on campus and has told us her experience while teaching children.

Briana has been teaching the white and yellow belt program at iCode’s East Frisco campus since August 2017 and her experience is quite satisfying. She is talented in computing and coding, but also likes game development since she loves the artistic features engineering.

Briana believes the STEAM camps at iCode are worthwhile for children with all types of interests as they encourage kids to think outside the box and be creative in solving challenges. Practice makes perfect and recalling what they learn is one of the steps towards the vocation of programming, says Briana. In her experience, she notes that kids like the ability to create their games, and she is frequently amazed by their vivid imaginations.

“The way kids understand programming is awesome. As we teach them logic, it quickly becomes second nature to them. They visualize things better than adults. So sometimes all we need to do is to show them the right path and then simply sit back and watch them create.”

Briana is also aware of her being one of the few female representatives on the campus, and she agrees that sometimes women are perceived as less capable in the field of engineering or programming. She adds that emotions do drive women, but they are also helpful in teaching and general understanding. Thus, she particularly enjoys seeing girls on campus, confident in their abilities and equally creative as boys in creating and developing new ideas. For more information on iCode’s summer camps, visit www.icodeschool.com/summer-camps.