There was a time when coding was considered a hobby for computer nerds and science geeks. The technicalities involved in the process weren’t for everyone, so only the elite programmers had the capability to code. Times have changed now, and coding is considered an essential ability. It has even become a part of curriculums in schools across the country. Even primary school kids are being taught the skills to help them deal with the rise of computer science in the coming future.

The foundation programs of coding for kids start with the basics and provide kids with everything they need to know about coding. The beginner’s program allows kids to learn computational thinking and provides them with the skills they need for problem solving. Now that the world is becoming increasingly reliant on technology, there’s a dire need for people who can code. A bright future awaits them and that’s the reason most parents are investing in their kids’ future. If you are a parent who wants the best for their kids, you would want to get them started on coding soon. With the right professional programming classes for kids, your children can learn the necessary skills that will help them succeed in a world that’s dependent on technology.

You don’t have to worry about a thing. Coding for kids isn’t a tedious program. Some people consider coding to be a dry and boring subject, but with the right people and an experienced trainer, coding can be fun and exciting too. The thrill of creating something new and learning a different language is enough to grab the attention of kids. They get something new to do and learn something that is now considered cool. The playful modules of coding make it an enjoyable experience for them, allowing them to learn something new. Furthermore, they get a sense of accomplishment from creating new things and learning a language that most people find too difficult to learn.

The foundation modules of programming classes for kids help kids learn how to program and everything that goes in the process of programming. Kids need something interactive and fun to get them interested. That’s the reason it’s important to use games, kids and apps to make the process more engaging.

If you want to teach your kid yourself, you need to take care. Portraying things the right way is really important if you want your child to grasp the basics of the concept. Teaching this creative activity requires patience and quite a bit of technical knowledge. Or maybe not! 

With the help of some tips on teaching coding for kids, you can do a great job, even if you have no programming background yourself. So read on and find out how you can help your child make the best of this learning opportunity.


Age Appropriate Coding Application

There are a number of coding apps in the market that can help with programming classes for kids. However, the most important thing is choosing an option that is appropriate for the age, interest and skill level of your kid. For example, Scratch is a great option for younger kids, especially the ones who aren’t proficient in typing. As your kid gets better at coding and their skill level increases, you can help them move onto another programming software that is more compatible with their learning goals. Where young kids get to learn much from Scratch and Alice, teens can reap the benefits of Python. It can help teenagers produce readable codes and gain expertise in the field of coding. If your child has already mastered Scratch, then Python should be the next step for them.     


Show Source Codes

Some parents avoid showing their kids the source code and just discuss the concept with them. As your child progresses and becomes proficient at block-programming applications, a time will come when they’d need to learn about variables, functions and loops. By helping them learn how to write a code and all that it entails, you’d be easing away their fear of actually coding. If you are proficient in the subject yourself, write a code and let them help you out. Explain the process so that when it’s their turn to write, they can do the job well on their own.   

Make it Exciting

Programming is a tiresome process and sometimes too boring for kids. If your child is interested in learning these skills, it’ll require you to take on a different approach. Get your kid started on programming video games, which are the best way to make the whole process more engaging for your kids. With the help of coding concepts from simple games, you can help your kid make a game of their own.

Start off with something simple so that once finished, it’ll give your child a sense of accomplishment. Your kid might want to develop something quite similar to their favorite game, but be warned that it can be quite hard to achieve this goal, especially during the early stages of their programming classes. Most of these games have teams assigned for each feature— hence their high quality. Simple games like Tetris and Tic-tac-toe are good projects to start with. They can help your child gain the expertise they need without overcomplicating things.   

Provide Hands-on Practice

Your child needs all the help they can get to grasp the concepts of coding and that’s what you are there for. But without some hands-on experience, your child won’t be able to go far. If you take control of the mouse and keyboard at all times, your kid won’t be able to learn just by watching you do all the work. Let them take the wheel and just be a spectator. You can guide them, but do resist the urge to take control. Tell them what to type and let them make mistakes. Just direct them where to go and what to do. Watch them make mistakes and achieve their goals, but don’t interrupt their creative flow. You might be tempted to type the code yourself, but it’s the practice that counts. Let them struggle so that they learn from their mistakes.

These tips will allow you to help your child get the best of coding and learn these skills in no time at all. Well, it might not always be easy, but with the right guidance, you can make things easier for them.

Coding for kids at a summer camp.

Young kids are taught the principles of programming with the help of block programming. With the help of colored blocks, children can figure out the basics of programming easily, making the learning process problem-free. If you are a parent who doesn’t have much knowledge on coding, there are other ways to help your child.

There are many apps that can help kids have better control over their programming skills, and they can be the answer you’ve been looking for. Professional yet simple enough for kids to comprehend, these applications are just what your child needs to level up their coding skills.

If you are looking for some helpful applications to get your kid started, there are a few that will prove their worth.


This easy and kid-friendly interface application is graphical programming software. It is based on MIT’s visual programming language and can help your kid understand coding within a few minutes. There are pre-written g instructions that guide your child each step of the way. Even if you don’t have the technical knowledge to help your kid, there are pre-existing blocks in the app that can help kids make just what they want to. From the simplest action to something as complex as controlling an animated character’s expressions, mBlock can teach your kids everything they need to know about coding. This kid-friendly programming software provides your child with a low entry barrier into the world of coding.


Developed by MIT, Scratch is a free kids programming language. How do you know it’s worth your kid’s time? Well, it was developed by MIT’s Lifelong Kindergarten Lab and provides some of the best getting-started tutorials. There’s something even for the parents. By including some curriculum instructions, the developers have made sure that parents don’t lose their way and are adequately equipped to help their child. These instruction manuals are a goldmine if your kid ever gets stuck somewhere.

But if that doesn’t help you, no need to get all worried. Scratch has a robust user community that is always ready to help you. Just post a query that’s hindering the learning process of your child and users from all over the world will provide their prescribed solutions to solve the issue. This group can help teach the basics of coding for kids.   

How Does it Work

Using the building-block programming theme, Scratch provides your kids with a simple visual interface that’s easy to understand. All the kids need to do is stack the commands together, such as operators, actions and events. This scaffold experience means the utmost convenience for kids and an easy to use interface. 

The best thing about Scratch is that each block has been allotted a certain shape. These shapes only combine with compatible objects, allowing kids to learn the distinguishing properties of commands early on. With the help of games and real animation, kids can enjoy the learning process and since the service is free, you don’t even have to worry about the funds that’ll be spent in the process. The app can be used even without an internet connection, so your kids can have access to easy learning no matter where they are.


When your child is confident enough to move onto object-oriented programming, it’s best if they use Alice. The free 3D programming tool teaches the concept of languages like C++. And although it uses the same approach as building-block apps, it makes the process even easier than Scratch. The drag and drop interface of Alice is less confusing for beginners and allows them to program camera motions, scenes and 3D models.

It was developed by Carnegie Melon University and is known for its straightforward design that can help kids learn more easily.


If your kid is interested in just one aspect of programming, i.e., gaming, then Twine is just the right app for them. It also works as a storytelling app, and the best part is that people of almost all ages can use it. With its help, your child will learn how to structure and efficiently develop nonlinear games. The stories module in Twine has pages of texts and images, which can be modified to present a complete story. All you have to do is download the application and your kid will be ready to get started.   

Although these apps can help your kids get the basics of coding, they still need expert supervision to learn the technicalities of the process. With a system that they can relate to easily, your kids can step into the world of coding and reap the benefits that it provides and will continue to provide in the future. Computer Science is the most in-demand career these days and is expected to become a lucrative career path in the future too. If you want your kids to become computer programmers, you will need more than just these apps to help you out.   

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