YouTube is a video streaming and social site, which launched in 2005. Since its debut on the internet, YouTube has taken the world by storm, racking up 1.8 billion monthly users. What began as a way for people at home to share personal videos has erupted into a full-on career path. YouTubers make money by running ads, through paid sponsorships for product representation, affiliate links and more.

While earning a living through YouTube alone is unlikely, it can and is done. Some YouTube sensations like Logan Paul (a YouTuber who vlogs about his life) earned more than $12-million in 2017. Jenna Marbles, another vlogger with a following of more than 18-million has a net worth of $5-million.

Of course, it’s important that children understand not every YouTube account will earn money. However, acquiring basic YouTube skills and creating a channel is relevant to career paths in technology, science, and of course, art.

Creating a Basic YouTube Channel

The channel creation is the easy part. After this you need to decide what kind of material to share with viewers. Will the account be public or private, and are you planning on using the channel as a potential source of income? These are all good questions to ask. If you’re interested in setting up a YouTube channel, the process is simple.

To begin creating a YouTube login, or if you’ve already made an account, simply login. On the top right of your computer or tablet screen you’ll see your user icon. Click this and then the cog icon, which represents settings. Once in YouTube settings, click “create” and choose “new channel”. You may then decide on a name for the channel, be it for business or personal use. This channel name can be thought of as a calling card or brand. Choosing a name that represents you or the type of videos you plan to share will help other users identify you later.

Being Successful on YouTube

Creating a YouTube channel and building a recognizable YouTube brand are two very different things. There are many ways to become successful. Some channels provide their viewers with information, like tech blogger Austin Evens. Others show a side of the world that viewers want to see, like the food and travel vlogs of Mikey Chen and Trevor James (The Food Ranger).

While some of the skills associated with a successful YouTube channel come from the information you share, much of it is related to behind the scenes technology. Videos with good lighting and audio are favored over those with poor camera work. Editing skills are also vital to the creation of popular videos. Knowing how to splice videos to cut out parts you don’t want to share and keep the interesting parts you do want to share is crucial. Even something as simple as adding music to a video can make a huge difference to its likability.

There are also the efforts outside of video development that add to the success of a channel. Things like background design, color scheme, and icon creation. This technical portion of channel creation promotes an image of authenticity, authority, and professionalism.

STEM Education for YouTube Success

The skills required to be a successful YouTuber can be learned. STEM and STEAM programs, which focus on science, technology, engineering, art and math offer the skills necessary to develop and edit videos, maintain a YouTube channel from a desktop or mobile device, and more.

In a world that values computers, technology, and the Internet as much as we do, the young generations are the ones who will benefit from this education. Not every child will go on to be a professional YouTuber, but the data accumulated through the experience could encourage them to become successful in other tech-based careers. The call for application development, computer programming, and software design has never been higher.

Training for STEM Success

At iCodeSchool we offer after school classes, summer school programs, and even family courses to provide children with the tools to be successful in technology. As technological advancement progresses in leaps and bounds, it’s important that young students develop the aptitude and self-esteem to work in these fields confidently.

iCodeSchool programs are created for students age 6 to 18. From a young age, we know how important it is that children begin understanding science, technology, engineering and math. Learn more about how STEM and STEAM programs can help your child achieve their dreams with YouTube and other technical applications. Contact us today for more information.