The world is your oyster, that’s the message we want to send to future generations. As the world continues to grow and evolve, more doors are opening into unique and fulfilling career paths. One trend we’ve noticed is the rise of tech and science-based jobs. In a world dominated by video games, online shopping, and social media, it’s easy to see how tech has come into demand.

You might be surprised to learn how much work goes into those websites and apps we all love. To keep technology advancing we’ll rely on younger generations to continue learning and evolving in the industry.

As parents, it’s easy to find yourself daydreaming about the potential jobs your child might have one day. Will they become a teacher, doctor, lawyer, or a graphic designer? Here are some of the top jobs of the future that your little one could end up in to help make an impact.  

Database Administrator

As the name suggests, a database administrator helps maintain and organize information in a company’s computer database. There are many factors that go into this process, such as securing systems so only authorized users can access pertinent information.

The storage of information has always been important in business, but with so much information being stored digitally, database administrators have become indispensable. The position requires an advanced understanding of computer jargon, structured query database language, and other skills. To gain these skills, database administrators have a bachelor’s degree, usually in a field like MIS (management information systems), or computer sciences.

App Development

Everything from checking your email to playing a round of Angry Birds can be accomplished through a mobile phone. To do so, your phone is equipped with mobile applications. The mobile app industry is booming. With so many internet users turning to mobile technology to access business and leisure tools, every industry from advertising to finance uses apps.

App development and maintenance usually require a degree or experience in software engineering. As technology becomes a more prominent focus in education, more institutions are creating programs to support computer sciences. You might even find a course or degree focused specifically on mobile app development.

Software Development


Like mobile app development, software development is essential to any business performed with a computer or electronic device. Everything from Microsoft Windows to Safari requires specific software to work. Software developers perform several duties and can specialize in narrow fields of interest like app building or system building.

To work as a software developer, an undergraduate degree from a computer-based university program is required. Computer engineering or computer sciences are both acceptable. Some companies might hire based on experience alone, which is why it’s important to start developing STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) skills early.

Video Game Design

It might not sound as sophisticated as software design, but video game design requires the same high level of education and programming skills. In fact, the gaming industry is massive, and many designers enjoy an average salary of approximately $80,000 USD.

Games for PC, console, or mobile devices use art and programming to design aesthetically stunning interactive storylines for kids and adults alike. With the addition of modern features like 3D technology and virtual reality, this career path has become more advanced than ever.

Many video game designers have degrees in computer science, graphic design, or computer engineering.

Network Administrator

The more technology the world acquires, the greater the need for network administrators in small and large organizations. This position uses technology to monitor and organize networks being used. Administrators focus on LANs, WANs, intranet, network segments, software, and more. From installing programs to securing the company network, there’s no lack of work for this position.

Another computer-focused role, a Network Administrator should have experience with computers and networks. A degree in computer sciences from an undergraduate program is sufficient to get started.

Health Information Technician

The health industry is another area where employment is up. For as long as humans are mortal, medicine is a requirement. But, how to hospitals and medical facilities keep patient records and prescriptions organized? In the past, everything was done in paper files, but this just wasn’t feasible as an ongoing practice. Mainly because of time and space constraints. With the introduction of computer storage came a new way to manage and store medical information.

Health information technicians manage the influx of information, filing and storing it. This role requires a 2-year certificate or degree in a health IT course.

iCodeSchool STEAM Courses Support Future Generations

At iCodeSchool, we see the trends science and tech jobs growing in leaps and bounds. Our aim is to provide the knowledge and skills to future generations, so they succeed in these careers. If the future is technology, it’s vital that our children learn the basics, so this field continues to grow and evolve.

Our after-school programs, summer camps, and extracurricular courses provide interactive opportunities to advance in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) curriculum. For more information on STEAM and the future of technology, contact us at iCodeSchool today.