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Battlebots Robotics . Drones . Game Development . Minecraft


December 27-28 and January 2-4

iCode Delivers Results

We live in an exciting time where real ideas can make major differences in the world. Changing the world could be anything from solving a simple problem in your community to making steps to provide everyone in the world internet. No idea is too big or small. iCode wants to ensure that all young people have the appropriate tools, guidance and critical thinking framework to be those world changers. If there is an idea, there is a way to build on it.
“My son loves iCode and especially loves doing projects with his new buddies.” Janice


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Meet The Director

Marcus Johnson

Marcus Johnson

Marcus is an inspirational leader who motivates everyone and strives for greatness. He has a vision to create a huge impact on youth and their interest in technology. He has worked for iCode for the past 3 years as a Sales/Marketing Representative and Technical Lead/Lab Mentor. He attends the University of N. Texas and will graduate in 2019 with a Bachelors of Applied Arts and Sciences – Business Management. He will continue to pursue a MBA with an Information Technology emphasis.

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