What is iCode?

iCode is not your typical education space. We are an after-school program that has curriculum based on the martial arts belts system. As we teach computer science and robotics, we equip minds with the skills to think critically, solve problems logically and imagine endless possibilities. We are moving past old school teaching methods and are committed to offering the best learning experience for computer science. Serving as an educational incubator, we allow enthusiasts the time and opportunity to design and develop their best ideas into viable solutions; mentoring and providing funding to bring ideas to the market.

What is iCode's philosophy?

Our philosophy centers around five pillars which support our core mission to provide not only an opportunity for young achievers to learn computer science, but to allow students to collaborate and build relationships, while understanding the larger purpose of developing ideas that could potentially have a global impact.

The five pillars are:
LEARNING WITH A PURPOSE Contextual learning
COLLABORATIVE LEARNING Collaboration with peers
LEARNING LIKE THE MASTERS Problem statement oriented learning
ETHICAL PROGRAMMING Drive principles,morals and character
LEARNING FOR GIVING Valuing the idea of contributing to societal issues

When is iCode open?
Hours may vary for each iCode location. It is best to call the specific location that you are wanting information and schedule an appointment. The front desk is usually open from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday, 12:00 p.m-5 p.m. on Friday, and 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on the weekends, when there are scheduled classes.
How much time does a student spend at iCode per week?
A student spends two hours per week in class. Classes are held on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday or once a day on Saturday or Sunday depending on the scheduled classes.
Which belt will my child start in?

There are several entry points depending on the grade of the student:
KG-2nd – Foundation Belt
3rd-5th – White Belt
4th-6th – Orange Belt
5th-7th – Green Belt
6th-8th – Black Belt
2nd-12th – Weekend Camps

The various entry points allow for students to be in a class with peers of the same age and maturity level, while maintaining a comprehensive learning experience that is friendly to those with limited coding experience.

Can a student take any subject?
No. The iCode curriculum has clearly aligned objectives that need to be mastered within each belt. The subject and content being taught are within the planned series of belts which build upon each other.
What are the enrollment options?
Classes start every four weeks. Students can be enrolled into certain entry points along the belt system. (See the tuition website page for entry points) If the current scheduled class options don’t work for the student, a wait list will be formed until enough student interest is made to fill the class. We will do our best to build a class that is needed. Most often, we already have one built that will work for you.
My student is an advanced learner in coding. Can students skip around within the belt system?
There are always exceptions, however, we first need to assess the student individually and determine the best starting point within one of our entry points. A student may also sit in a trial class to help determine the best fit.
What happens if a student misses a class?
We have lab hours which may be scheduled in advance by speaking with the front desk. Lab hours should be scheduled 24 hours in advance to ensure staffing. There are certain classes without lab hours that parents are informed at the time of registration, during those times classes cannot be made up.
What if a student misses more than 3 classes?
The student should repeat the four week sprint. Lab hours are a tool that aim to get a student to where they need to be, they are not a permanent substitute for a regular scheduled class.
What happens when a student has to repeat a sprint or class time?
That is okay! It’s in the student’s best interest to get to the appropriate knowledge and skill level before promoting to the next level. This process, along with any exceptions to it, should be discussed with the Director to make sure of the best course of action.
How much does iCode cost?
There is a registration fee for each belt and the monthly tuition depends on which belt or camp a student is enrolled in. This price varies from school to school. See the current tuition rates page for the specific school for the most accurate rate.
How does the billing system work?
We have a parent portal sign-up for each customer. In order to process billing we need an active credit card to be entered into the system. This information can be managed by the parent. We run our charges at the beginning of each class.
Can we sign up for a 6 month commitment and take one month break?
Yes, of course! You will be charged on a 6 month commitment price. Please communicate the needs upon enrollment and update us with any further changes.
My student has no coding or computer science experience. Does iCode have classes for novice?
Yes! There are no prerequisites for knowledge on our entry point belts. While our belts are intensive, they are designed to be taught to a particular age group.
Is my student required to bring anything to class?
No. All the software and hardware will be provided in class. A USB Drive may be used to download final project.
Will there be homework?
No. Our curriculum is designed to keep students challenged and engaged, however, the content of each class is designed to be completed within the allotted time.
How do I know how my student is progressing?
Instructors send status reports via email to provide updates on each individual student’s progress. Student’s can also save their work on a USB and practice at home if they have access to the necessary equipment.
When can lab hours be scheduled?
Lab hours can be scheduled in hourly slots during the hours iCode has dedicated the time for them. Please contact the front desk of your school for specific lab hour opportunities.
How do students get recognized for work accomplished at iCode?
The most important thing a child gets from iCode is the skill set they add to their repertoire during their time with us. In addition to that, we have graduation ceremonies with certificates at our Friday Socials for students who have completed belts with us.
What sets iCode apart from other coding or STEAM programs?
Our curriculum! Our curriculum is structured and designed to give students the tools they need to succeed in the language of the future. Everything students learn has a purpose and transitions very well into what they will learn next. We not only teach coding and robotics, but all the skills necessary to create technology versus use technology. We also give back to our students who have met certain prerequisites with internships and employment opportunities.
What real-world skills are taught at iCode?

Problem solving skills
Critical thinking skills
Team building Skills
Collaboration skills
Project management skills