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Computer Science Immersion Program

iCode’s Classes Available at Area Schools

Coding and Design Classes for Kids

iCode partners with school districts to provide a robust after-school program, starting as early as Kindergarten. The immersion programs enable students to gain a strong foundation in computer science while providing invaluable academic enrichment.

Fueling a Passion for Technology

Today’s parents recognize the importance of gaining a competitive advantage and therefore want more computer science education opportunities for their children.

iCode offers two types of immersive off-campus programs; iVIew – a snapshot program, with one hour-long class per week, and i360, a complete iCode experience,with twice-weekly classes.

See program information below, or contact us at (469) 608-7023 to learn more.


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Grades 2-5

Students gain a hands-on insight into iCode’s computer science curriculum. In weekly, hour-long sessions, they learn skills in coding, design, robotics and more.

Who is our program suitable for?

Students in grades 2 to 5 of any skill level or interest enjoy the iCode experience. While learning foundational concepts in computer science, the extra exposure to patterns, sequencing and logical thinking results in an improved ability to solve problems. Our hands-on approach results in enjoyable and creative experiences for young enthusiasts.


Grades K-8

i360 is iCode’s fully immersive program. Offered twice weekly, students progress through the proprietary belt system that is available at iCode campuses.

The Advantages

As students learn complex skills in coding and design, they become better at analysis and logical thought –  and gain experience in project management and teamwork.

iCode combines great curriculum with knowledgeable teachers and a hands-on approach that fosters creativity. Learn more about our program for any skill level.

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About iCode

iCode makes learning computer science rewarding and fun. In addition to bi-weekly classes, our Friday socials include computer gaming and coding competitions. Visit our state-of-the-art facility, the Think Tank, to learn more about our school.

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