Deep-Dive STEM Education
Students take a deep dive in to the STEM topic of their choice. Subjects are broken down into four-week modules for total immersion into the subject.
icon Engaging Kids in STEM Education

By allowing students to choose their focus, we open the door to a more engaging STEM experience. Our instructors interact with students through our hands-on, in-depth proprietary curriculum as they build a lifelong passion for STEM education!

icon Building Soft Skills Through Group Classes

While it is true that almost anything can be learned online, there is incredible value in being around a group of like-minded peers. Soft skills like listening, collaborating, sharing, and teamwork are simply too valuable to ignore. That’s why we’ve built these concepts into our STEM curriculum through activities like team projects, student project presentations, and much more.

icon Less Commitment. More OPTIONS!

The Paths Program offers more flexibility than our Belt Program. Students can select the subject of their choice, and even switch if they change their mind! And although Paths vary in length, they are usually a shorter commitment than the time it takes to complete a Belt.

Our Topic-Focused, STEM Program
  • Proprietary Curriculum that Evolves with Technology
  • Instructor-Led Lessons
  • Collaborative and Interactive Group Classes
  • Students Ages 8-18
  • (2) 1-Hour Sessions During the Week, or (1) 2-Hr Session on Saturdays
  • Lessons are Broken into Monthly ‘Modules’
  • 3-6 Modules per path
  • Monthly Payments (Sibling Discounts Available)
“When she showed me an HTML form she created with data-validation, I was very impressed.“
- David Christian, iCode Parent
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