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We live in an exciting time where real ideas can make major differences in the world. Changing the world could be anything from solving a simple problem in your community to making steps to provide everyone in the world internet. No idea is too big or small. iCode wants to ensure that all young people have the appropriate tools, guidance and critical thinking framework to be those world changers. If there is an idea, there is a way to build on it.

My son loves iCode and especially loves doing projects with his new buddies.



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Students are the CSS to our HTML!! <3

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Students are the CSS to our HTML!!

Meet The Director

Shari Johns

Shari Johns

As Director of iCode North Dallas, Shari Johns views a collaborative, encouraging campus as the key to fostering creativity and

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innovation. As a board member of non-profits and community associations, Shari understands that partnerships and open communication among staff, students, and parents are essential to an enriching experience. Keeping the atmosphere fun and positive, children are encouraged to reach their full potential. During her free time, Shari enjoys reading, spending time with her two boys and sweet husband, and serving at her church.

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