Thriving on CHALLENGES, campers gain skills and EXPAND their minds

Battle-Bot Robotics iCode School

Battle-Bot Robotics

This one day camp is designed to introduce the basics of Robotics and Design of combat robots to students. Using the Lego EV3 Mindstorms students will build a combat Robot. At the end of the camp, the teams will compete against each other in the robot arena!

Drones iCode School


Students will be introduced to basic flight mechanics and aerodynamic principles to understand how to fly a drone. They will develop critical analysis and quick decision-making skills, while maneuvering through obstacle courses.

Micro Computers iCode School

Micro Computers

Beginner camp to introduce concepts of Circuits, Electricity, Procedural Programming, and Microcomputers.

Python and Minecraft using the Raspberry Pi iCode School

Python and Minecraft using the Raspberry Pi

Students will learn how to control the player, manually build with blocks and use the Python interface to manipulate the world around them.

Game Development iCode School

Game Development

Students will learn about Game Design and Game Development using Construct 3. At the end of the day, students will have a fully functional video game.

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