Creative Entrepreneur: A Shark Tank Adventure

AGES: 7-10, 11-14

PROGRAM: On-site


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Camp Description

Millions of startups are launched every year. Campers learn how to think like a creative entrepreneur and compete in a crowded marketplace. Work with professional tools like Adobe XD to gain valuable technical skills that give creative projects that extra edge. Collaborate with other campers and gain hands-on experience as you complete group and individual projects. Discover the techniques and processes used by esteemed creative entrepreneurs to launch their products. Have fun and learn everything you need to become a successful Creative Entrepreneur.

In This Course You Will

  • Learn Adobe XD
  • Work in Tinkercad
  • Conduct video and photo editing
  • Gain computational thinking skills
  • Learn how to storyboard
  • Develop a User Journey
  • Build a Rapid Prototype
  • Gain problem solving and creative skills