Digital Artwork: Create 2D & 3D Designs

AGES: 7-10, 11-14

PROGRAM: On-site


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Camp Description

Digital Artwork: 2D & 3D Modeling is the most creative camp iCode offers! Campers will learn to express themselves using digital tools used by the art industry. From learning the basics to creating unique masterpieces, this camp presents many great opportunities to develop artistic skills through hands-on projects. The art pieces created throughout the week will be shared, discussed, and critiqued as a group, giving these artists the crucial experience of personal feedback. Some of the topics that each new artist will cover include: photo manipulation, digital painting, 3D sculpting, and programming art! When campers experience these processes, they will create projects for audiences to experience and enjoy in a final art gallery style presentation.

Note: A $34 Huion H420 Drawing Tablet is required for this camp and will need to be purchased prior to camp (

In This Course You Will

  • Learn SculptGL
  • Learn Processing and Medibang Paint
  • Develop design thinking and creativity
  • Develop presentation, strategic planning and adaptability skills
  • Engage in entrepreneurial thinking