Minecraft: Learn How to Mod Using Java

AGES: 11-14

PROGRAM: On-site


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Camp Description

Take Minecraft to the next level! Create modifications in Minecraft while learning Java, the most popular programming language today. By using Minecraft to learn how to program, campers will gain valuable skills that not only increase creative possibilities in-game, but that are centered around computer science concepts. Some of these CS concepts are; efficiency, algorithm design, and data manipulation. Throughout the camp, projects such as coding swords to cast spells and turn items into chickens (yes, you read that right) are great ways to blend fun and learning! Java is based on  a concept called object-oriented programming to digitally model the real world, and in this camp, it will be great for modeling the world of Minecraft!

In This Course You Will

  • Build Minecraft
  • Understand OOP, Java
  • Learn about basic data structures
  • Build creativity and problem solving skills  
  • Develop verbal communication skills