VR Imagination: Create Your Own Virtual World Using Unity

AGES: 11-14, 15-18

PROGRAM: On-site


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Camp Description

In the 21st century, data has been projected as the most valuable resource in the world, being bought and sold at higher prices than resources such as power and food. With such a high price tag on data, and each person being responsible for creating data, it is no wonder that protecting it has become a crucial skill! Cybersecurity is an ever growing technological space that touches each and every one of us. From personal data that you create with your email, social media, or general search preferences, to large enterprise data collected from thousands of customers, cybersecurity is what keeps all this safe. iCode’s Cybersecurity camp is all about teaching campers how to be safe online, protect their data from various attacks, and analyze threats as they come. By the end of the week, campers will be able to protect data not just for themselves, but for their communities.

In This Course You Will

  • Understand machine learning
  • Learn Python
  • Learn Unity
  • Design Virtual Reality
  • Learn UI resolution and appearance
  • Learn problem solving, logic and attention to detail
  • Develop a strong memory
  • Gain communication skills