iCode Anytime is Designed for Busy Families and Creative Kids

A safe and comprehensive on-site STEAM education program to learn game design, robotics, and trending technologies, available for up to three hours per day, five days a week

The Program

In the iCode Anytime program, students benefit from a comprehensive computer science experience through game design, robotics, and trending technologies.

The key focus is to learn coding skills through game development. Students develop and code a game from start to end, gaining experience in game development, game strategy, and design.

The experience also includes a Gaming Cafe where students have fun sharpening their gaming and competitive skills.

The Benefits

Choose the number of days to attend per week after school. Drop-in after school for one to three hours, up to 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday.

Designed for driven students to work on concepts individually. A lab mentor is always on hand for assistance when needed.

iCode Gaming Cafe

Gaming Cafe

Eligible to participate after completion of 10 hours in the Adventurer or Explorer path.

KeySoft Skills

In a safe environment, there are many benefits to playing video games such as improved memory, attention, motor, and strategic planning skills.

The bright minds today, they want to know more. They’re hungry for more.

– Marcy Meyers, iCode Campus Director

Why Code and Why iCode? 

We think coding should be required in every school because it’s as important as any kind of second language.
Tim Cook, CEO Apple

Tech-Oriented World

Today, 77% of parents think that coding is one of the most important skills to learn in our digital age. Moreover, 94% of parents are concerned about loss of learning and summer slide due to COVID-related conditions since last year.

Teaching Skills that Matter 

We apply the Agile Teaching/Learning methodology, whereby students learn and apply skills to efficiently work in a team to manage projects.This teaches time management, collaboration and high-level thinking, better preparing kids for school and beyond.

Kids Do Better When They See Results 

Being immersed in technology and being allowed to manipulate those technologies, gives instant feedback. iCode consistently allows that opportunity for kids, making learning exciting, engaging and fun!

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iCode Learning Campuses are the pinnacle of quality with the latest technology to help your child accelerate growth in their coding journey.