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Our Signature Computer Science Belts Program

Professional development of core STEAM skills for kids, taught through our proprietary curriculum, in a world-class high-tech facility

Engaging STEAM Education for Kids!

Nine Belts. One Incredible Program.

There is no better option for engaging children while teaching them advanced STEAM education, and the essential soft skills required for tomorrow’s technology leaders than enrolling your child in our signature Computer Science Belts program at iCode.

Students gain a broad depth of skills in coding languages, robotics, and design. The experience is hands-on and collaborative with a focus on soft and hard skills that enhance core academic strengths such as patterns and sequencing and critical thinking and develop lifelong skills such as project ideation and development, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

An awards-based program, with a progression of concepts from Foundation to the Master Black Belt. Once enrolled in the program, your child will begin at the best starting point for his or her individual skill level, and continue to refine their skills while striving to earn the celebrated iCode Master Black Belt!

Coding Classes for Kids

Develop Essential Computer Science Skills:

Coding is a language that must be taught early and taught often. There shouldn’t be downtime when learning any STEAM skill. This fast-evolving space requires progressive education that is consistent and engaging every step of the way.

Our proprietary program introduces the following computer science skills to children K-12: Scratch, Robotics, Software Design, App Development, HTML, CSS, Website Design, Programming, Web Development, Game Design, Animation, Object-oriented Programming, Product Design, Databases, Python, Robotics with Mindstorm, Java, Drones, Agile Methodology, Game Development, Testing and Debugging, OOP, and C++.

Teaching Kids Soft-Skills:

Our programs focus on both hard and soft skills.

STEM and STEAM is not a solo sport. It’s a collaborative team effort. As essential as it is to gain core competencies in coding and other STEAM skills, it is equally important to master soft skills now, while young and still discovering how to connect and collaborate productively with their peers. Our proprietary programs focus on both hard and soft skills, helping your child gain a well-rounded balanced education which is highly sought after in STEAM and tomorrow’s growing technical workforce.

icode belts program

Making Focus Fun!

Sprints are an excellent way to instill the mindset needed to succeed in STEAM. By working in Sprints, our students never experience a dull moment.

Students have a single focus and goal, complete with deadlines, and gamified in our Belts award curriculum. They know exactly what should be done and want to work within the structure we provide because our program makes it exciting and fun.

They may not realize how many life skills they are learning, or that they are learning at all. Our purpose is to engage their minds and hearts, so they love their experience and develop a passion for STEAM education, including everything that comes along with it.

We want to create leaders. We want to create innovators. We want to create people that are working towards a better future.

– Elena Diosdado, iCode Curriculum Manager.

Why Code and Why iCode? 

Computer science is not just for smart ‘nerds’ in hoodies coding in basements. Coding is extremely creative and is an integral part of almost every industry.
Reshma Saujani Founder & CEO of Girls Who Code

Tech-Oriented World

Today, 77% of parents think that coding is one of the most important skills to learn in our digital age. Moreover, 94% of parents are concerned about loss of learning and summer slide due to COVID-related conditions since last year.

Teaching Skills that Matter 

We apply the Agile Teaching/Learning methodology, whereby students learn and apply skills to efficiently work in a team to manage projects.This teaches time management, collaboration and high-level thinking, better preparing kids for school and beyond.

Kids Do Better When They See Results 

Being immersed in technology and being allowed to manipulate those technologies, gives instant feedback. iCode consistently allows that opportunity for kids, making learning exciting, engaging and fun!

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