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Computer Science Paths, Elite Membership Program

A STEAM program for kids eager to explore leading STEAM platforms or deep-dive into topics designed to spark their creative genius


Web Dev | Game Dev | Digital Arts | Minecraft | Python | Roblox | Youtube

Education Made Fun

Our curriculum is designed to engage young minds and create a memorable STEAM experience. Subjects are introduced over four-week modules where members deep dive into a specific topic for total immersion. We want to build a lifelong passion for STEAM education.

Instructor-led Classes

While it is true that almost anything can be learned online, there is incredible value in being around a group of like-minded peers. Soft skills like listening, collaborating, sharing, and teamwork are simply too valuable to ignore in STEAM education. Our instructors interact and engage through a hands-on in-depth proprietary curriculum.

Affordable and Invaluable

Our Computer Science Paths program is both affordable and invaluable. Instead of only watching YouTube or playing Minecraft, children with membership to our program become the creators of the technology that surrounds them. They learn to collaborate and explore the universal language of the world, which truly is STEAM. Start them on the path to mastering Digital Arts, Python, Lua, Robotics and so much more.

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  • Instructor-led interactive on-site classes
  • 2 hours per week of engaging curriculum
  • Each Path takes 9 months to complete
  • Opened to anyone from 8-16 years old

When she showed me an HTML form she created with data-validation, I was very impressed.

David Christian, iCode Parent

Why Code and Why iCode? 

โ€œLearning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains.โ€
Bill Gates

Tech-Oriented World

Today, 77% of parents think that coding is one of the most important skills to learn in our digital age. Moreover, 94% of parents are concerned about loss of learning and summer slide due to COVID-related conditions since last year.

Teaching Skills that Matter 

We apply the Agile Teaching/Learning methodology, whereby students learn and apply skills to efficiently work in a team to manage projects.This teaches time management, collaboration and high-level thinking, better preparing kids for school and beyond.

Kids Do Better When They See Results 

Being immersed in technology and being allowed to manipulate those technologies, gives instant feedback. iCode consistently allows that opportunity for kids, making learning exciting, engaging and fun!

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iCode Learning Campuses are the pinnacle of quality with the latest technology to help your child accelerate growth in their coding journey.