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Teach My Elementary Schooler Java!

If only we had a dollar for every time we’ve heard that… When learning Math at school, students start by familiarizing themselves with numbers, then addition, subtraction and so on. They certainly don’t dive headfirst into calculus in…

STEM or STEAM – What’s Your Pick?

Doesn’t it feel like we had all just got on board with STEM and now all of a sudden everyone’s talking about STEAM? What the what?! What is STEAM? Where did the A come from? Is STEM now rendered ineffective? Which is better for students…
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Does Your Child’s Excessive Screen Time Have You Scratching Your Head In Despair?

Well, put that screen time to good use then! Learning is not just happening in the classroom or behind a textbook anymore; there are several resources out there that can extend your child’s learning process beyond the classroom – and would…