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Computer Science and Coding Courses for Kids and Teens 

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Computer science classes at iCode encourage collaboration and idea development, so students graduate with exceptional workplace and entrepreneurial skills. These are skills they can use to excel wherever life and their passions take them.

State-of-the-Art Programs

iCode prepares students for the future, through a rigorous, hands-on curriculum. In our high-tech labs, students brainstorm ideas, work diligently at projects and have plenty of fun!

As students gain skills in coding and design, they develop practical solutions to everyday challenges. With exposure to the latest technologies and programming tools, their ideas are relevant and realistic. 

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iCode Belts


Core Curriculum: Eight Belt Levels

Engage in the world of computer science through a proprietary curriculum structured similarly to a martial arts-style reward system. Gain increasingly complex skills through interactive and collaborative project-based learning.

iCode Boot Camps


Courses for Advanced Students

Gain a head-start in relevant skills that allow you to meet the demands for innovation, creativity and leadership. Exposure to Java and Databases helps prepare you for the success in higher education or a professional setting.

iCode Summer Camps


STEAM Enrichment: Grades 3-12

Drones, animation, design and more – There’s a great deal to ignite the imagination when you explore the exciting aspects of STEAM learning. Summer camps are a great way to gain an insight into iCode’s core curriculum.

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Students Per Teacher

iCode’s Vision

Our goal is to enrich the educational experience and capability of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, engineers, artists, scientists, economists, thinkers and doers. Our students gain skills in collaboration, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, through a process and proprietary curriculum that equips them with knowledge, confidence, leadership and project management skills. These skills are critical, as the global workforce increasingly demands innovators to solve ever-changing needs and crises. The demands are endless and through technology, so are the possibilities.

At iCode we teach students to meet or exceed those demands. We want our students to graduate, empowered to control their environment and confident that they can solve problems. By teaching the underlying technologies being used to build the future, we show them how to work together to bring about understanding and change.

Our Team

Abid Abedi, an entrepreneur and Dave Thomas, the leader in Agile Development; share a common vision – to ensure today’s youth become tomorrow leaders and visionaries. Together they are passionate about giving kids the tools to innovate and flourish.

We’re About More Than Just Coding For kids

At iCode we’re forming vital, early connections in the minds of a future generation. Our core values guide our teaching methodologies. Visit us and see the enthusiasm and energy, as kids collaborate on projects, guide one another and grow together.


Experiencing Success over Memorizing Facts
Every class, sprint, and belt we teach ends with a success for the student. They may have written some
code, designed a web page or built a self-guiding robot. In our view, this feeling of achievement is far more important than memorizing language syntax or HTML tags. In a world where you can look up anything with a click, the key skill is knowing what to apply and when.
Making over Consuming
Children are constantly bombarded with content. It’s easy to spend hours clicking links or playing immersive games. But that time is a lost opportunity: an opportunity to develop new interests, learn new skills, and express yourself by creating something new.
Every iCode sprint starts with a challenge: students will create something. And as they work through the projects, they discover that you don’t have to be an artist or an athlete to be able to express your gifts and vision.
Solid Fundamentals over The Latest Fads
No field of human endeavor changes as quickly as software development. Languages, frameworks, hardware: if you spent your time chasing the latest-and-greatest, you’d never get anything else done. Languages that are hot today may not have existed five years ago and may be sliding into oblivion two years from now.

We teach students a variety of different languages: Scratch, Alice, JavaScript, PHP, Java, and so on. But our objective is not to make them language experts. Instead, we emphasize that these things are just tools you use to get something done. What’s important is not the brand of tool but knowing how to use it. That’s why we teach the fundamentals: how things work, why things are done a certain way – techniques that are universal. Once mastered, students can apply them to whatever technology becomes fashionable in the future.

Team Players over Rock Stars
Software is complex and takes teamwork to build. We teach students how to work in teams. We guide them as they work on joint projects, and mentor them on the tools and attitudes that make teams fun to work in. We model respect, communication, and the Golden Rule in every class.

In later belts we teach industry-standard practices for organizing and running teams, and students experience being a key part of an even greater whole.

Outcomes over Grades
We don’t grade students—there are no tests. Instead our tech leads, lab mentors, keep an eye on their students and assist with problems. We offer students additional lab time and assistance if needed.

Each belt level ends with a month-long project. Successfully completing this means a student has absorbed the material for that belt and can move on. The tech lead is there to guide them through this process and providing a safety net for when things go wrong. Just as in the real world, the important thing is what a student can do, and not what they know on a test.

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iCode Belts

Progression through our belt system to prepare your child for long-term success.

iCode Boot Camps

Prepares the advanced high school student for the workforce through exposure to challenging advanced topics.

iCode Camps

Engages and broadens STEM knowledge.

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