DETROIT, Mich. – iCode, a national computer science education franchise concept, announced today that it has signed an agreement to open a new location in Macomb County. The school, slated to open in late spring 2021, will offer STEAM-based computer science education to students K-12 through proprietary curricula and a signature BELT program (similar to how belts function in the martial arts) in its high tech, fully equipped facility. Online classes will also be offered as early as October.

Kamlesh Patel is the local entrepreneur bringing the iCode location to the Macomb market. Before owning the Macomb iCode, Patel, who has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, had a successful career in project management, IT programming and software engineering. This previous experience has well-equipped him to launch and operate the new location.

“I’ve been in project management and software development for nearly 30 years, but before that I was heavily into programming and teaching,” Patel said. “During college I was a teacher’s assistant, which is where my passion for teaching was ignited. I wanted to give back to the community and contribute to the next generation of students having the same success as I did, through computer programming.”

iCode differentiates itself in the fast-growing computer science education industry with its state-of-the-art facilities and proprietary curricula. The new school in Macomb County will serve students of all skill levels with programs that teach students how to build games, apps, websites and work with robotics. iCode also offers the unique iSportsprofessional gaming league with competitions taking place after school, once per week for a five-week period.

“Kam is a great addition to the iCode family – with his background in computer science and project management, we have no doubt that he will make iCode a household name in the area for young students who are ready to enter the world of coding and technology,” said Abid Abedi, founder and CEO of iCode. “We’re ready to educate kids of all ages and prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow through robust and world-class computer science education.”

Through its menu of offerings and several classrooms in each location, the brand has built a business that supports multiple revenue streams. As it plugs into franchise growth, iCode is equipped with a thorough support structure and exceptional leadership. The brand’s executive team brings high-voltage experience from blue-chip technology and franchise brands like GNC, Huawei, Sprint and Gold’s Gym.

Today’s announcement follows an eventful year for the brand, with signed agreements and upcoming openings in Boise, Idaho; Pittsburgh; Bellevue, Washington; Moorestown and Bridgewater, New Jersey; The Colony, Sugarland and Murphy, Texas; Goodyear, Arizona; and more.

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About iCode

iCode, a national computer science education franchise offering after school and summer programs, equips children with the skills and knowledge to compete in today’s technological environment. Committed to quality and providing in-depth learning experiences, the brand’s proprietary curricula and several unique technology education programs set it apart in the fast-growing coding education space.

iCode’s franchise opportunity allows entrepreneurs to break into the booming technology industry with multiple revenue streams. Now franchising and with prime markets available, iCode is seeking qualified franchise candidates across the United States.

For more information on the iCode franchise opportunity, visit



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