Coding for Kids: Why It’s Important and How to Get Started

Due to the rapid evolution and innovation of technology today, many children’s futures will depend on their understanding and ability to work with technology, making coding for kids more important than ever.

Coding is the process of communicating with a computer. It involves using a special language that computers understand to give them instructions on how to perform specific tasks. With coding, you can create things like video games, websites, and apps.

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why coding for kids is important for your child.

5 Reasons Why Coding for Kids Is Super Important!

Kids who learn how to code early on have an edge over those who don’t, both in math and science classes and overall academic achievement. Let’s take a look at why that is.


1. Learn Problem-Solving

As parents, you want your children to be as capable as possible. You know they need to think critically and solve problems, understand the world around them, and find solutions to any unknown problem they might encounter.

Coding helps children think critically so they can solve problems with more confidence. They develop creativity by learning how software engineers think outside of the box to come up with solutions. Learning these important skills at an early age can help to shape children’s confidence and minds.


2. Coding for Kids Develops Resilience

Children who code learn through the debugging process that often they will need to try over and over again to eventually produce the desired result. When children learn to code, they learn to bounce back after failure. They realize that failing is only bad if you don’t learn from it.


3. Coding For Kids Teaches Them How To Think

Learning to code is not only about learning how to type lines of syntax; it’s also about teaching kids how to think in new ways. A programmer must think logically to code efficiently.

For instance, decomposition is a technique used by computational thinkers to solve issues. Decomposition, or the ability to break a problem down into smaller components, is one of the most crucial aspects of computational thinking.


4. Coding Is the Future

It’s no secret that coding skills are in high demand. As technology evolves, more and more opportunities will be available for those who have learned the necessary technical skills. For instance, with its vast online resources, Google is always seeking qualified programmers to help the company expand its reach and fulfill its mission to make information accessible and valuable worldwide.

When you consider how the world is changing, computer programming is a valuable skill to have in any industry. Banking, insurance, health care, retail, and every other industry you can think of, relies on coding.

Coding for kids will help ensure they’re more competitive in the workplace, giving them more employment opportunities.


5. Coding for Kids Enhances Creativity

Children are the future. And if they are going to be making scientific breakthroughs and launching companies that change the world, they’re going to need to think creatively.

Coding gives kids the confidence to be creative and experiment with their ideas and learn how to design something entirely on their own.

Children also thrive on positive feedback. Children, like adults, require an incentive to learn a new skill. When youngsters learn to code, they see small outcomes along the way, which encourages them to persevere and keep on going.

Getting Started with Coding for Kids

students learning how to do code in iCode school classroom

Coding for kids can be daunting and overwhelming when trying to tackle it on your own. Choosing an option that will provide your child with the support they’ll need along the way makes sure the child stays on track.

It’s also important to consider the atmosphere and style of learning. Classroom settings can help your child to continue to build important interpersonal skills (and maybe even make a few like-minded friends along the way). And fun hands-on, project-based lessons make learning fun and keeps kids engaged!

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