Our School Partnership Program
Key Concepts
  • icon Sequencing
  • icon Encription Algorithms
  • icon Design Thinking
  • icon Engineering
  • icon Programming with Scratch
  • icon Robotics
  • icon Circuits & mechanics of movement
  • icon Programming logic and testing
  • icon Web design with HTML & CSS
  • icon Program Decomposition & Debugging
Soft Skills
  • icon Independent Thinking Skills
  • icon Fine Motor Skills
  • icon Coordination
  • icon Patterns and Sequencing
  • icon Logical Analysis
  • icon Teamwork
Program Details
  • Ongoing
    as agreed upon by school
    administration and iCode
  • icon iCode Provided Instructors
  • icon Collaborative and Interactive Group Classes at Your School Facility
  • icon 1-2 Hour Sessions During the Week (Varies by School)
  • icon Hands-On STEM Activities
  • icon Learn Soft Skills like Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Independent Thinking, and Collaboration.
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Soft Skills Matter

Our programs focus on both STEM education and vital soft skills.

STEM is not a solo sport. Careers in STEM require a collaborative team effort. As essential as it is to gain core competencies in coding and other STEM skills, it is equally important for students to master soft skills now, while young and still discovering how to connect and collaborate productively with their peers.

Making STEM Fun!

iCode’s goal is to make STEM education exciting and fun! In our hands-on, collaborative programs, students may not realize how many life skills they are learning, or that they are learning at all! Our purpose is to engage their minds and hearts, so they love their experience and develop a passion for STEM education!

As parents, you want to find what your kid is passionate about and then try to invest in that. And for us, that was iCode.
- Brandy Stafford, iCode Parent
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