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  • My son really enjoyed this program. It is really fun for all ages while being very educational. Students have... read more

    Mariella Bailey Avatar
    Mariella Bailey
  • I’ve been working here a couple of months, Respectable owners and teachers, made me realize how much I like teaching... read more

    Chuky Udegbue Avatar
    Chuky Udegbue
  • Our group joined the coding classes after a school event. They are able to code their own robot and race... read more

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    Ab So
  • Our child attended Python and Drones camp. Great instructors.

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    G T
  • I really enjoyed my time here, great opportunity to get hands on experience in teaching and it's one of the... read more

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Providing an Education that Kids Love

iCode computer science programs offer kids the opportunity to build soft skills and strengthen their academic skills; with program options that fit their lifestyle and schedule.

Flexible Program Options

Computer science classes that work for different schedules.

Proprietary Curriculum

Dynamic curriculum that meets the demands of a rapidly evolving space.

STEAM Learning

An experience that spans across disciplines; science, technology, engineering, arts, and math literacy.

Critical Thinking

As they learn skills in coding, we teach kids how to think creatively and solve problems step-by-step.

High-Tech Labs

State-of-the-art classrooms are fully equipped with the latest technologies, allowing immersive, hands-on experience.

College & Workforce Preparedness

Advanced bootcamps to give a great head start.

Engaging STEAM Programs for Kids

Computer Science Belts

Coding & Design Classes for Kids

Computer Science Paths

A Deep-Dive on Specific Topics

Computer Science Anytime

Self-Paced Game Development Program

Computer Science Camps

Tech-Based Skills During School Holidays

What Our Students are Saying

Why Code and Why iCode? 

“Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.”
– Stephen Hawking

Tech-Oriented World

Today, 77% of parents think that coding is one of the most important skills to learn in our digital age. Moreover, 94% of parents are concerned about loss of learning and summer slide due to COVID-related conditions since last year.

Teaching Skills that Matter 

We apply the Agile Teaching/Learning methodology, whereby students learn and apply skills to efficiently work in a team to manage projects.This teaches time management, collaboration and high-level thinking, better preparing kids for school and beyond.

Kids Do Better When They See Results 

Being immersed in technology and being allowed to manipulate those technologies, gives instant feedback. iCode consistently allows that opportunity for kids, making learning exciting, engaging and fun!