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Ramp Up Tech Your Skills

Pique their interest in computer science through exposure to the latest and greatest technologies and the mechanism behind them. They learn flight training with drones, understand microcomputers, use python to manipulate Minecraft and try their hand at game design and development or robotics.

Camp dates/times: December 27-28 and January 2-4, 9 am – 4pm
To enroll: info@icodeschool.com or call 469.608.7023

To ensure a clean, safe, and healthy environment our facilities will strictly be at 50% of normal capacity.

Supervised Remote Learning

Safe environment for young students taking online classes (half or full-day)

New This Fall


Nine paths in computer science education

Online and on-site coding classes for kids ages 8-16

After School Coding Programs

As a technology and coding school, we equip children with the tools for success in today’s information-driven world. Immersing kids in real-world problems enhances understanding of math and science. This approach is effective in developing skills in logical analysis, creativity, and problem solving – skills that will help kids at school and in any future career.

It’s easy to get started. Simply choose the program that suits your schedule.

K-12 Belt Program
Ages 5-18
2 hours/week

Our most comprehensive hands-on, computer science program for skills in coding, engineering, robotics & digital design.

Pace Program
Ages 5-14
1-5 days/week

Learn coding and computer science at your own pace through game development with skills in coding, design, and strategy.

Summer Camps
Ages 7-18
Mon-Fri, Full-day

iCode’s technology-rich computer science camps prepare students for higher education and the future workplace.

Professional Gaming League
Ages 8-14
2 hours/week

Game like a rock star in iCode’s competitive gaming leagues. Each gaming season lasts for a period of 5 weeks.

Program Schedules

at iCode Southlake

Our Partnerships

After School Coding Classes for Kids

We are proud to partner with area schools so that computer science education is easily accessible to children at all levels.

Parent Testimonials

“The curriculum is amazing. My 5 year old loves the foundations course. I am excited to see this place grow and this is the right industry to be growing. Programming is the future and iCode will teach kids what they need to know.”

KariniCode Parent

“My son absolutely enjoyed his week at iCode. The staff is so attentive and engaging with the kids. I look forward to enrolling him in the after school program this fall.”

OnisaiCode Parent

“My 7th grader did two coding camps and he absolutely loved it. This location is well equipped and I’m glad that the location is so close to us.”

AsmaiCode Parent

“Impressed by the facility and the staff . Everyone seemed to be well experienced and knowledgeable. I feel very lucky for our kids to have such a great resource in the community and at a great location too.”

MonaiCode Parent

“A great addition to our Southlake community. Very nice facility with highly educated tech savvy people. Great teaching environment with all the latest technology. Must check it out.”

SaeedaiCode Parent

So glad to finally have a coding school in Southlake. The facility is beautiful. Resources are unlimited. They offer amazing camps from time to time. My son is loving and enjoying his classes here.

Sadaf KhaniCode Parent

Our son is very bright. My husband and I were looking for an alternative for him to do other than video games while still giving him access to playing them, and giving him a challenge. Coding fits the bill and takes it to the next level. He can learn what it takes to make the games and play his own creation. He LOVES his coding classes and has picked up on it so quickly. iCode Southlake offers tons of classes for participants with varying experience levels. They also offer plenty of days and times to accommodate any family schedule which is a HUGE plus for us! The platforms are fun for him and the instructors at iCode Southlake have been phenomenal with him! The kids have a chance to collaborate with each other and work independently on different projects. We’ve only done online thus far as we’ve been staying home during the pandemic but we can’t wait to get him into the brick and mortar building for the full experience. Saniya has been very helpful getting us information that we need and helping us with any questions we’ve had. This has been a great experience for our son, he looks forward to his classes and can’t wait to see where this takes him.

Cari BogieriCode Parent

My kids had a wonderful experience!

Sarah Diaz De LeoniCode Parent

I was happy to see that iCode Southlake offered a virtual class. Due to Covid 19 she has little contact with other kids. I signed her up and thought well this will be fun –YouTube production. First thing, she did have a lot of fun. (It was funny listening to the kids Minecraft/Roblox networking figuring out how to help each other) She learned presentation skills, how to construct a story line, how to engage an audience, worked on her spelling and grammar, and interacted with other kids. In addition she was using different programs and learning how to get them to work together. (Anyone who has gone through a merger knows how necessary this skill is). She worked independently. She is more ready for the virtual classroom now if necessary. I also used the same video programs in my MBA program before COVID 19. This type of virtual production is here to stay and this will be a skill to last her a lifetime. Her teacher Alya did a wonderful job. She kept the coursework relevant and kept the kids engaged.

Aveleen GameziCode Parent

My 3 children go there and all love it. They get excited when it’s time for icode. We are very comfortable sending them there as we know that it is the time well spent. Even during the covid days they made online arrangements to make sure that children do not miss the learning. I am happy that I enrolled them!

Kashif AnwariCode Parent

My son had the best week of his life this summer at iCode Southlake at camp. He even came home wanting to work on his projects even after being there all day long. Every email or question I had as a parent they were quick with their response and I felt very safe sending my son to this camp during Covid. They were clean and taking safety measures to insure the safety of the students.

Juli MaddyiCode Parent

My 10-year old son attended the Construct-3 game development workshop and LOVED it. They spent the week programming their own video games. Highly recommended!

Finn EdwardsiCode Parent

Great coding and STEM school. Instructors are knowledgeable, dedicated, and can differentiate their instruction to meet all levels and needs of the students. Classes are engaging, varied and provide ample opportunities for developing critical thinking and growing fine motor skills. Courses, manipulative materials and resources are carefully chosen and designed to meet different age groups and previous knowledge levels. Highly recommended!

Maria A. Busico-FlightiCode Parent

Wonderful camp with great teachers, one-on-one attention. My 7 year old son was excited to show me the games he created and wants to go back again! I highly recommend this camp for anyone looking to stimulate their children (especially after this Quarantine).

Jennifer McCauleyiCode Parent

iCode Southlake Campus

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