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What Makes Our STEM School Effective?

At iCode Bellevue, we constantly seek opportunities to enrich our children’s lives. We do this by matching them with qualified instructors, providing the latest technology, and breaking down rigorous concepts through our patented curriculum.

For parents and students interested in STEM, our after-school programs are a fantastic way to support learning goals. With our unique blend of education, innovation, and fun, our signature Belt Program offers an incredible opportunity for students to thrive.

This comprehensive FAQ guide will delve into the details of iCode Bellevue’s after-school programs, providing you with everything you need to know to make an informed decision for your child’s education and personal development.

Q1: What is iCode Bellevue’s After-School Belt Program?

iCode Bellevue’s Belt Program is our signature after-school program. Each belt teaches students a different STEM topic, and students can find the best program based on their age and interests.

Our Belt Program is taught in person at our Bellevue campus. By teaching students face-to-face, we can provide hands-on learning experiences in technology, coding, game development, and robotics.

iCode’s Belt Program also emphasizes soft skills in each of its courses. Students will build their collaboration, teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills in class to prepare for the future job market.

The Belt Program is a hallmark of our approach to education. It allows students to dive deep into subjects they are passionate about while building a solid foundation in technology. Whether your child is a beginner or an advanced learner, the Belt Program ensures they receive an education tailored to their needs.

Robotics instructor teaching a class in a comfortable iCode Bellevue classroom

Q2: How Long Are The Class Sessions?

For iCode’s after-school programs, our classes meet once a week for two-hour sessions. These sessions are usually scheduled from 4 to 6 pm and 6 to 8 pm on Mondays to Thursdays, and we also hold Saturday classes from 10 am to noon, noon to 2 pm, and 2 pm to 4 pm. One belt usually takes 8-9 months to complete, roughly the length of one school year.

Q3: What Courses Are Available in the Belt Program?

Our Belt Program covers many exciting courses, including robotics, coding, and game development. Depending on a student’s age and experience, we can place them in a class perfect for their age and interests:

Foundation Belt (Ages 6-8): The Foundation Belt class at iCode Bellevue teaches students game development using Scratch, a beginner-friendly visual programming language. Using block-based coding, students can learn to create their own applications, animations, and games through block-based coding. Students can look forward to learning about variables, loops, conditional statements, and more to let their creativity come to life.

White Belt (Ages 8-11): iCode’s White Belt robotics program focuses on essential engineering, robotics, and design concepts. In this class, students can model, create, and program robots to solve real-world problems using the VEX robotics platform. These students will learn how electricity, 3D modeling, and coding can help them create complex robotics projects as a part of this robotics program.

Orange Belt (Ages 8-11): iCode’s web development program gives students the tools to create websites. This class focuses on the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript markup languages and teaches them how each works to create some of their favorite websites. Students in this class can look forward to learning vital design and photography skills to make their web pages come to life.

Yellow Belt (Ages 9-12): iCode’s Yellow Belt App Development program teaches everything needed to begin creating mobile and desktop applications. From storyboarding to coding to marketing their creations, each student can develop a product to call their own. After learning the basics, students will learn about open-source collaboration and working with others to create more complex applications.

Green Belt (Ages 10-13): iCode’s Green Belt Python program teaches students how to use this versatile programming language. As part of this class, students will create games, complete projects on a Raspberry Pi computer, discover how modern AI and machine learning programs are written, and much more.

Red Belt (Ages 11-15): iCode’s Red Belt game development program teaches students how to create single and multiplayer games in Unreal Engine 5. Students can look forward to learning how to create digital game assets inside Unreal Engine 5 and program them to make compelling games. This project-based class will also cover using visual effects, creating easy-to-use interfaces, and managing a game development project.

Blue Belt (Ages 11-15): In the Blue Belt, students will explore the fundamentals of computer networks, emphasizing internet architecture and protocols. The curriculum covers layered network architectures, server models, and key web and email protocols. Students will understand how computer networks function and their role in enabling communication and information exchange.

Black Belt (Ages 13+): iCode’s Black Belt Java class makes this programming language easy and approachable. As part of this program, students can learn about object-oriented programming (OOP) to quickly see how programs work and how to organize them using data structures and algorithms. This programming language is essential to learn for any aspiring developer.

Q4: Why Should Students Learn Coding?

Learning how to code is invaluable in countless job markets. In addition, coding knowledge will increase students’ digital literacy and give them the tools necessary to solve common everyday problems they can come across. Most importantly, iCode Bellevue makes learning STEM fun for students.

Two students working on a hands-on art project at iCode Bellevue

Q5: What Is the Process for Enrolling in iCode Bellevue’s After-School Programs?

Getting started with iCode Bellevue is easy. For anyone interested in our Belt Programs, can schedule a free trial class through our website. This lets students and parents experience our engaging and interactive learning environment firsthand. Following the trial class, we will work with you to determine the most suitable course based on your student’s interests and availability.

Q6: How Do I Sign Up for a Free Trial Class?

Signing up for a free trial class is simple. Visit our website, contact us at Bellevue119@icodeschool, or call us directly at (206) 984-2633, and we will be delighted to schedule a convenient time for your child to join us for a trial class. It’s an excellent opportunity to explore our teaching methods, meet our instructors, and witness the excitement of learning at iCode Bellevue.

Q7: What Are the Benefits of iCode Bellevue’s After-School Programs?

iCode Bellevue’s after-school programs offer a multitude of benefits for students. Here are some key advantages:

  • Hands-On Learning: Our programs emphasize experiential learning, allowing students to actively engage with technology and foster problem-solving skills.
  • Personalized Education: Through our Belt Program, students can select courses that align with their interests and skill levels, ensuring a tailored educational experience.
  • Modern Skills: We equip students with essential skills such as coding, robotics, and game development, which are increasingly important in today’s digital world.
  • Fun and Interactive: Learning at iCode Bellevue is not only educational but also fun and engaging, fostering a lifelong love for technology and innovation.
  • Experienced Instructors: Our team of experienced instructors is passionate about teaching and dedicated to helping students succeed.

Two students learning game development using the Roblox Editor at iCode Bellevue

Q8: What Sets iCode Bellevue Apart from Other After-School Programs?

iCode Bellevue stands out due to its commitment to excellence in technology education. For the past three years, we have built a curriculum that truly sets us apart from any other STEM-focused school in King County.

The iCode Belt curriculum is made internally and constantly developing as new technology evolves and trends emerge. Not only are our classes effective in teaching vital STEM concepts, but they are also made to be fun and engaging for students and break up classroom lecture time with valuable hands-on activities.

Our in-person classes are taught in 5:1 student-teacher ratios. When students enroll in any of our after-school programs, summer camps, or tech club programs, we will give them the time and attention needed to teach course concepts effectively.

Students also have the benefit of using the latest technology to help accelerate their learning. Whether it is VEX robotics kits, drones, or 3D printers, students have everything they need to excel at iCode Bellevue.

Q9: What Is the Cost of iCode Bellevue’s After-School Programs?

iCode’s signature belt programs cost $309 a month, which includes four instructor-led classes for the program of your choice.

Q10: Who Are iCode Classes For?

iCode creates its curriculum to accommodate students ages 5-18 interested in STEM education. So whether a student is curious about Python programming, digital arts, or robotics, iCode Bellevue has the tools to teach them effectively. Even if students are new to STEM, we encourage them to sign up.

To begin your coding journey, book a free trial class using our contact page here. If you have any other additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Bellevue119@icodeschool.com or by phone at (206) 984-2633.

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