What Do Students Learn in Minecraft Modding Camp?

iCode’s Most Popular Summer Camp

Since opening its doors three years ago, Minecraft: Adventures in Modding has remained the most popular summer camp at iCode Bellevue. Over two hundred students completed iCode Bellevue’s Minecraft Modding program in 2023; even more have already signed up for 2024.

Students are clearly interested in learning to mod in Minecraft, but parents may wonder what modding is and what students can expect to learn at the camp’s completion.

What is Modding?

Modding in Minecraft involves using Javascript files to alter aspects of the game to customize the user experience. For students, modding offers a platform to learn crucial skills and develop a passion for STEM education.

Through modding, students engage in creative problem-solving as they identify issues within the game and craft solutions through experimentation. As part of this process, students will learn how to create pixel art, strengthen their computer skills, and how to work with other students on collaborative projects.

Some examples of class projects students can look forward to working on are creating customized tools, armor, and blocks inside the game. Students will also learn to adjust the properties of these digital assets to customize their experience.

Will Students Just Play Minecraft?

Minecraft Modding Camp at iCode Bellevue
During our full-day camp experience, students transition from consumers to creators. Throughout the camp, students will do much more than play Minecraft. Campers will learn and use problem-solving, engineering, and coding skills to complete class-wide projects.

The camp begins by giving students an approachable way to interface with the game. At iCode Bellevue, students can access all the necessary equipment to start their modding journey. When arriving for camp, students are welcome to find a spot in iCode Bellevue’s comfortable gaming hub.

Instructors will introduce students to the game Minecraft, both how to play it and its history as an educational tool. All students in the class will play together in a single Minecraft world where they will complete their projects throughout the camp.

In all of iCode Bellevue’s Summer Camps, engaging, hands-on projects break up the students’ screen time. When learning to mod, students design their mods by creating a plan on paper and sketching their designs before putting them in the game.

After making a plan, students can begin building mods through McCreator. Using the files from this application, students can upload their creations to the game using Minecraft Java edition and see their work in the game. During camp, iCode Bellevue will collect all of the student’s work, and by the end of camp, students can continue their STEM exploration at home.

Finally, campers will also learn script commands in Minecraft. Students can type text-based commands to help them find quicker solutions to problems. These commands introduce students to essential coding principles and show how programs can help them with repetitive tasks.

Making STEM Accessible and Enjoyable:

iCode Bellevue's Minecraft Modding Class
One of the most compelling aspects of iCode Bellevue’s Minecraft Modding Camp is its ability to make STEM subjects accessible. No matter a student’s age or coding background, every student can take something from the camp session.

By leveraging Minecraft’s inherent appeal, the camp captures students’ interest and enthusiasm, making learning feel more like play than work. This fusion of fun and education is a powerful motivator, inspiring students to pursue STEM topics with passion and curiosity.

Alongside learning the course content, iCode Bellevue’s in-person classes and camps emphasize soft skills. Students can nurture essential skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity during this collaborative camp.

For students interested in technology or STEM, iCode’s Minecraft Modding camp offers them a thrilling starting point. Minecraft may be a game, but campers can use it as a powerful learning tool to explore coding, chemistry, and more.

Minecraft: Adventures in Modding Itinerary

iCode Bellevue structures its curriculum to balance guided lessons with engaging activities. After several hours of coursework, the class will have a 15-minute break, and students will return ready to learn.

While all classroom materials are provided, iCode Bellevue asks its families to bring lunch for each student. Additionally, it is essential to note that iCode Bellevue is a nut-free facility, so participants should be mindful of the foods they bring to create a safe environment for everyone.

This camp is open to students ages 7-14. No prerequisite skills are required, making it accessible to beginners and seasoned Minecraft players alike.

Currently, there is availability for this camp for the following dates:

  • 3-Day Week of June 19-21
  • Week of July 8-12 
  • Week of July 29-August 2nd
  • Week of August 19th-23rd 

Whether your child is passionate about STEM or Minecraft or simply eager to explore new avenues of learning, this camp promises an unforgettable experience. Given its popularity, spots are limited, so we encourage interested parents to enroll early to secure their place.

Have Questions?

If you have questions about this camp or any others, please get in touch with us at Bellevue119@icodeschool.com or (206) 984-2633. As the summer season approaches, we would happily help you and your student find the perfect fit at one of our upcoming summer camps.

For more information on summer camps at iCode Bellevue and to sign up for our Minecraft: Modding Adventure Summer camp, visit the camps page on our website here.

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