The Ultimate Guide to STEM Summer Camps 2022

The Ultimate Guide to STEM Summer Camps 2022


Our daily lives are becoming more and more digital each day (smart refrigerators, virtual assistants, EVs) and more innovations are on the horizon (drone delivery, self-driving cars) creating a demand for jobs in technical or STEM fields. This has made STEM education a hot topic with parents over the last several years.  Kids that have a solid foundation in STEM will have an upper hand at these opportunities. STEM summer camps in 2022 are a great way to get kids interested in STEM topics and keep them learning while school is out!

What is STEM?

STEM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Why is STEM education important?

  1. Most jobs related to STEM are growing in demand but lack qualified candidates. 
  2. Job opportunities are increasingly becoming more global with the growth in acceptance and platforms for remote work.
  3. The US has consistently lagged compared to other countries on STEM testing scores. 
  4. STEM education is vital for US students to be globally competitive.

These factors make getting your kid involved in STEM more important than ever.

Types of STEM Summer Camps

STEM summer camps are a great way to introduce these subjects to kids at a young age. The good news is, no matter what they’re into, there’s probably a STEM camp that fits! Let’s look at some popular STEM summer camps in 2022.

1. Robotics Summer Camps

Robotics summer camp is by far one of the most popular STEM camps (Afterall, what kid doesn’t like robots?). Campers get to design and construct robots (out of Legos or other available supplies) and see their creations come to life! And, in many instances, kids get to pit their robot creation against other campers’ bots in a ‘Battle-of-the-Bots’-style tournament! Robotics summer camp is great for building their mechanical and engineering skills, as well as developing sportsmanship and teamwork.

Group of girls with robots at a STEM summer camp at iCode

2. Coding Summer Camps

Coding camps can take on many forms. Beginners may want to start out with a Roblox or Minecraft modification camp to learn the basics of how to use coding. An advanced coding summer camp might focus on utilizing coding knowledge to program drones or other devices to perform specific tasks (like maneuvering through an obstacle course). Most coding schools or platforms can evaluate your child’s skillset to determine the right camp for them. 

Coding summer camps can help campers learn problem-solving skills as well as developing their perseverance and creativity.

3. Science Summer Camps

Science covers many areas of study. It can range from chemistry and physics to biology or psychology. Engineering is another popular area of study and lends itself well to a science summer camp. Campers can explore engineering concepts and apply them to existing structures (like buildings, bridges, or monuments) as well as creating their own structures. An engineering or other science summer camp can help students improve their critical and logical thinking skills as well as developing problem-solving skills.

4. Digital Arts Summer Camps

Many educators and parents today have adopted the term ‘STEAM’ instead of ‘STEM’ to include an ‘A’ for arts. 

STEAM investigates the same concepts as STEM but does this through inquiry and problem-based learning methods used in the creative process. Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are used to arrive at a solution. People such as Leonardo Da Vinci have shown us the importance of combining science and art to make discoveries.

Digital arts are a great way for kids to learn to express and develop their creativity. And a digital arts summer camp is a fun way to introduce them to the variety of tools available and how to use them to design their own creations! A digital arts summer camp will encourage kids’ creative thinking which will help their problem-solving abilities by learning to come up with new solutions.

Creating the Best STEM Summer Camp Experience

There’s are numerous choices when it comes to summer camps But finding a STEM summer camp that excites your child is an ideal way to get them engaged with these vital subjects. And making learning fun is a key aspect in ensuring kids stick with something.

STEM Summer Camps Near You

iCode School is a STEM school for kids in grades K-8 offering fun STEM summer camps in 2022. Summer camp topics range from Battle of the Bots, Roblox, Digital Arts, YouTube Production, Drone Navigation, VR, Minecraft Mods and MUCH more! Visit our site to find a location near you and check out the variety of STEM summer camps we have available!

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