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1. YouTube Creator: Learn Production Basics Ages: 7 - 16 As YouTube grows even larger, the demand for creators grows as well! This camp is perfect for aspiring content creators and video editors. Campers will learn skills such as utilizing digital cameras, basic video editing with CapCut, and create content that is not just unique, but also interesting. This camp is perfect for campers who enjoy YouTube videos and content creation. 2. Creative Lab: 3D Printing and Design Ages: 11 - 16 This camp is perfect for the designer in your camper! As 3D printing develops to an industrial scale, the skills needed in everyday life are needed more and more. 3D printing is a mode of product development that is fast, easy, and creative! In this camp, campers will use a development style called rapid prototyping, where development starts at a basic idea, then to developing a model, and finally a finished product! This camp is a perfect blend of creativity and productivity! 3. Minecraft Modder: Customize Your World Ages: 7 - 10 Based on the hit game, Minecraft, this camp is great for creative minds who enjoy brainstorming and playing Minecraft! In this camp, campers will learn how…
STEM & Coding Camps for Kids (Ages 5-16) Will your child be home ALL DAY for Summer Vacation? We offer STEM & Coding camps for students ages 5-16, we have camps from Game Design to Robotics, 3D Printing, Minecraft, Roblox and MUCH MORE! Join our Summer Camps & allow your child to learn through educational STEAM activities! Date: June 3rd - August 23rd (Monday - Friday) Time: 9AM - 4PM (early drop off & late pick up available)
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